Behavioral Sciences

Holzhausen, Kurt

Associate Professor of Psychology

(207) 834-7621

Lavoie, Lisa

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science; Doctoral Candidate, University of the Cumberlands; and President, AFUM UMFK Chapter

(207) 834-7820

Graham, Shawn

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Behavioral Science Unit Chair

(207) 834-8627

Humanities and Professional Studies

Susee, Dawn

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

(207) 834-7612

Becker, Geraldine

Professor of English and Creative Writing

(207) 834-7695

Ouellette, J. Darrell

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Public Safety and Lieutenant Commander, Maine State Police (Ret.)

(207) 834-8641

Becker, Joseph

Professor of English, Program Coordinator/Lead Faculty, and UMFK English Program

(207) 834-7588

White, Kelly

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

(207) 834-7618

Kaphle, Krishna

Associate Professor of Mathematics

(207) 834-7632

Trudel, Leo

Associate Professor of Business

(207) 834-7567

Epp, Marilyn

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

(207) 834-7566

Curran, Michael

Assistant Professor of Business

Buck, Paul

Professor of History and Education

(207) 834-7563

Brickman, Scott

Professor of Music and Education

(207) 834-7506

Natural Sciences

Rubert-Nason, Kennedy

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(207) 834-8693

Thaikkattil Louis, Libin

Assistant Professor of Forestry

(207) 834-7614

Thompson, Neil

Irving Woodlands Forestry Professor, Arts & Sciences and Professional Studies Division

(207) 834-7628

Elmore, Stacey

Assistant Professor of Environmental and Arctic Studies

Hansen, Stephen

Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies

(207) 834-7589


Belanger, Duane

Assistant Professor of Nursing

(207) 834-7586

Tardif, Jamie

Adjunct Faculty

Nadeau, Larry

Nursing Resource Manager

(207) 834-7615

Plourde, Maisie

Assistant Professor of Nursing

(207) 834-7519

Theriault, Nicole

Instructor of Nursing

(207) 834-7830

Albert, Rachel

Professor of Nursing and Allied Health

(207) 834-7803

Pelletier, Sandy

Lecturer of Nursing

(207) 834-8635

Sleeper, Tanya

Professor of Adult Health Nursing

(207) 834-7582