Once a Bengal, Always a Bengal

Whether you just graduated or did so decades ago, you’re always part of the UMFK family. From alumni events and news to making a gift, this is your gateway to staying connected to your alma mater.

a female UMFK alum stands beside some horses during an event

UMFK Foundation

The UMFK Foundation financially supports academics, research, scholarships, facilities, and more. With your help, we can give students access to life-changing opportunities and ensure they reach their full potential.

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Awarded in scholarships to 126 UMFK students during FY22


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Given in gifts to the UMFK Foundation during FY22

UMFK students, staff, and alumni march in a homecoming parade, some wearing inflatable bengals

“This just means that all of my sacrifices and hard work are paying off. I do my best to focus and put my studies first, not being home (my country, Nicaragua) just makes me appreciate the opportunity of being here and had the chance to go to college and learn a very kind and respected profession.”

Iruzy Y. Castellon Urroz

Senior, Nursing

“I’m so grateful to be offered this scholarship. It’s a real incentive to push on and improve my grades even more moving forward.”

Mirabel Aisosa Aikhionbare

Junior, Behavioral Science

“The scholarship will help to pay for my forestry education, which I am planning to start in Fort Kent and finish in Orono. I am working summers to contribute toward my education to try to graduate debt-free. I am very grateful for this gift since I am passionate about the woods and learning how to make a living working in them.”

William Maines

Sophomore, Forestry