Allied Health

Associate of Science

Build academic and scientific skills for a careers as a Healthcare Technicians. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for placement on the Maine CNA (Certified Nurses Assistants) Registry.


Conduct scientific research with a faculty mentor or intern at a hospital, medical facility, or other agency.

Career or Further Your Education

Move right into a career or continue on to earn a Bachelor's degree.

Applied Forest Management

Associate of Science | Forestry Minor | GIS Certificate | GIS Minor

The applied forest management program will provide you hands-on learning, small classes, and experienced faculty to help you launch a conservation-based career.


In field projects and internships, you’ll gain extensive real-world experience working with both professional foresters and landowners.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Prepare for such careers as forester, forest technician, forest ranger, GIS specialist, and more.

Arts and Sciences

Arctic Studies Certificate | Bachelor of Arts and Sciences | Minor

Design a program to meet your career objectives.


Conduct scientific research with a faculty mentor or intern at a hospital, medical facility, or other agency.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Articulation agreements with nearby graduate institutions allow our graduates assured acceptance or early admittance to many programs.

Associate of Arts

Behavioral Science | Business | Computer Science | Conservation Law Enforcement | Criminal Justice | General Studies | Human Services

Two-year program options that emphasizing the development of general knowledge for students preparing for a variety of careers in Behavior Science, Business, Computer Science, Conservation Law, Criminal Justice and Human Services.


Work closely with a faculty mentor or intern at a police station, medical facility, or other agency.

Careers & Pathways to a Bachelor's Degree

The Associate of Arts degree program are career-oriented moving you right into a job or allowing you to easily move on to earn a bachelor's degree.

Behavioral Science

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Science | Behavioral Science Minor | MHRT-C Certificate

You will have hands-on learning experiences, complete job shadows, and participation in service and experiential learning projects. The behavioral health field offers many different opportunities and the program will prepare you for jobs like substance abuse counselors, adult and child case managers, social work, or in advanced study in fields such as Clinical Counseling and Psychology. We have a strong internship program that works with you from your first year to help you explore your values and interests and how they translate to the many options for careers.


You will have a broad range of internship opportunities including placements like state and local community social services, mental health agencies, crisis centers, senior care facilities, corrections facilities, or probation and parole, among other options. Many of our students complete their internships in their home towns where they want to begin their careers, which often leads to job offers before they even complete their internship.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Our program is designed to provide a foundation for careers in the behavioral health field which includes counseling, social work and rehabilitation. Our program also prepares you for advanced study if you are interested in becoming a Clinical Counselor, Clinical Social Worker or for graduate study in Psychology.


Bachelor of Science | Biology Minor

As a biology student at UMFK, you’ll benefit from small classes, supportive faculty, and hands-on learning as you prepare for a rewarding career in the biological sciences.


Conduct scientific research with a faculty mentor or intern at a public research lab, within the Biotech industry or at a state or federal agency.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Be prepare to continue your studies in graduate and professional schools or for careers including teaching, technical, and field positions.

Business Management

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Science | Business Minor

Set yourself up for a lifetime of career success in the world of business with the help of personalized attention, experienced faculty, and real-world learning opportunities.


Apply the business management theories and practices you learn in your courses at real companies throughout Maine and beyond.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Acquire in-demand business skills and knowledge to pursue positions in management, entrepreneurship, finance, and more.

Computer Systems Administration

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Science

As a computer systems administration student, you’ll learn the latest tech skills and benefit from experienced faculty and hands-on learning opportunities throughout Maine and beyond.


Acquire on-the-job experience at top companies, start-ups, government agencies, and more.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Master the skills needed for a career in software engineering, database administration, or systems management.

Conservation Law Enforcement

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Science

Do you want to work outside? Do you want to protect the environment? Build practical skills and techniques with hands-on experience for careers in environmental science, natural resource and law enforcement fields.


Conduct scientific research with a faculty mentor or intern with a state or federal agency.

Careers & Graduate Studies

The combination of education and experience will provide graduates a competitive edge for employment and advancement in a multitude of professions to include those of game warden, forest ranger, wildlife biologist, park ranger, forester, police officer, state trooper and many others

Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Science | Criminal Justice Minor | Forensic Science Minor

With real-world learning and faculty with industry experience, UMFK’s criminal justice program is your next step toward a rewarding career in law enforcement.


Besides internships, you’ll take part in mock interviews, trial prep, and crime scene investigations.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Prepare for such careers as game warden, marine patrol, state trooper, sheriff deputy, and many more.


Bachelor of Science

Work at local schools with students starting your first semester and teach hands-on, after-school STEM classes to local kids building the skills necessary to be an effective teacher.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the capstone component of the teacher education program. It is a time when students are guided into challenging new identities as beginning teachers.

Work & Field Experiences

Partnerships with area schools promotes professional development. Students achievement is at the heart of the professional development school (PDS). The PDS offers a variety of advantages including a year long internship for student teachers, school-university research projects, collaborative activities across curriculum content areas, and a shared governance system.

Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science | Environmental Studies Minor

Learn to identify environmental issues, collect and interpret data, explore creative solutions, and communicate their findings as you work closely with faculty in a nurturing environment.

Field Experience

Work with a faculty mentor to design and execute an in-depth laboratory or field research study.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Be fully prepared for an immediate transition into a career or to pursue additional graduate studies.

History & Political Science

Bachelor of Arts

History gets very real in some of our classes as students research and act out historical roles set during critical times in history. Skills learned enable graduates to pursue a variety of careers that require sophisticated research and analytic skills, critical thought, and the ability to present well-written arguments.

Capstone Seminar

Students complete a research-oriented seminar designed to integrate student’s prior knowledge and strengthen lifelong learning skills.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Students will be prepared for graduate-level study in social science or professional fields, as well as for careers requiring the ability to master a substantial field of knowledge, research issues credibly, and write effectively.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Doctorate of Nursing Practice | Master of Science in Nursing

A rewarding career in nursing, UMFK's program will prepare you to serve individuals, families, and communities as nurse clinicians, scholars, and educators to meet the health needs of the people of Maine and beyond.

Labs, Clinicals and Perceptorships

Clinical learning experiences take place in a variety of settings and geographic locations.

Careers & Graduate Studies

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing and you will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).