Log of fires in student housing facilities for 2022

Logs with all fire information are available at the University of Maine at Fort Kent Facilities Management Office.

A. Summary of Fires:

Residence HallReporting YearFiresInjuriesDeaths
Crocker Hall2021000
The Lodge2021000
Powell Hall2021000

B. Description of each campus student housing facility’s fire safety system:

BuildingFire Alarm SystemDetectorsSprinkler System
Crocker HallYesYesYes
The LodgeYesYesYes
Powell HallYesYesYes

C. The number of fire drills held during the previous calendar year:

  • The Lodge: 2
  • Powell Hall: 2
  • Crocker Hall: 2

D. Portable Electrical Appliances, Smoking, and Open Flames in Student Housing:

This information is available via the Residential Life & Campus Guide.

Description of Fire Safety Education Policies

At the beginning of each academic year, all Residential Assistants (RAs) and the professional staff in the residence halls undergo training by the Director of Facilities Management on fire safety. This training includes using handheld fire extinguishers, operating sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and evacuation procedures.

Additional Fire Safety Data

You can find more information on fire safety in the Campus Crime and Security Report.

Last Updated: September 30, 2022