Third Party Information and Conditions

If you have an employer or other third party paying on your student account, you must provide proof of third-party payment arrangements on, or before, the first day of classes in the semester in which courses are taken. You’ll need to notify the Business Office of such arrangements each semester in writing, showing both your and the third party’s obligations. Examples of acceptable proof include (but are not limited to) purchase orders, training authorizations, and tuition assistance authorizations. Not notifying the Business Office on or before the first day of classes may result in late payment fees. Note: late payment fees charged due to failure to inform the Business Office will not be reversed. If the employer or third party refuses to pay the late payment fees, the responsibility falls to you, the student. If the third party only covers a portion of your bill, you will need to pay any remaining balance on or before the start of classes unless other arrangements have been made.

Once we receive proof of a third-party payer, your account will indicate a third-party payer hold. This hold stops any late payment fees from being charged to the portion of the bill covered by the third party. Once we receive payment from the third party, we will remove the hold on your account. Note: your account will reflect a balance owed until we receive this payment.

Please be aware that if the employer/third party refuses to pay the amount promised, that balance becomes your responsibility. Late payment fees will be charged for every month it isn’t paid in full or arrangements aren’t made with the Business Office.