Welcome to Blake Library

Once you have decided to become a UMFK student, access to resources, equipment, and friendly support becomes a way of life.

Resources: As a student at UMFK, you will have access to thousands of online resources available on and off-campus through the University of Maine System. You will also have access to print materials here at Blake Library and across the state through our easy-to-use online requesting system.

Space and Equipment: Blake Library offers you space to study quietly, work in study groups, or even just hang out with friends. We also provide computer equipment for you to use. We have computer stations, laptops, scanning stations, and more that will support the work you do once you are studying here at UMFK.

Friendly Support: Help is just a walk, call, email, or even zoom call away. Our students get help in one form or another 24/7 from library staff, as will you once you join the UMFK family. Our staff even help beyond the confines of library services, so that you can get initial support in areas such as printing, access to the internet, portfolios, and even Brightspace.

Our staff’s mission is to support you when you join us at UMFK


Our library services include help with research, requesting materials, troubleshooting technical problems, portfolios, and initial support for Information Technology related needs. Our staff is driven by the basic need to help our students be successful.


Blake Library is part of the wireless system across campus. Besides being able to connect your devices, you will have the option to use the computer lab or check out a laptop if you need one. We have furniture that is wired for electricity and provides USB hubs. You will have access to scanning and inexpensive printing. In many cases, if we don’t have what you need, we try to have it the next time you need it.


Our facilities range from large study spaces and rooms for group work to quiet areas for individual study. We have small, medium, and large desks and tables to facilitate your study needs. Some include markerboard tops to bring your thoughts to life. Staff is easily accessible, and the print collection is all on the ground floor. Our desire is to make our space your space.


Let’s not forget our electronic resources at your fingertips. You will have access to thousands of resources whether you’re here or away. Blake Library’s resources will provide you with plenty of material for your projects, such as full-text articles, ebooks, and streaming videos. Once you are a student at UMFK we will provide you with the quality research you need to be successful.


One way to get to the library’s resources, print and electronic, is through our exceptional discovery service. It helps find what you need through multi-faceted and user-friendly features. Be it an article from an electronic journal or a book in our stacks, you will find your research to support your time here at UMFK.

Reach Out to Us!

If you have any questions, contact one of our friendly staff!