Early College Tuition Rates

Who pays the tuition?

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the Maine Legislature Aspirations Program, the Department of Education, and the University of Maine system, publicly funded Maine-state high school students and registered Maine home school students enrolled in Early College courses are eligible for 12 credits per year at no cost.

Out-of-state students are responsible for the discounted half-tuition rate of $138.25 per credit.

All students are still responsible for some course supply fees and purchasing textbooks.

What if I take more than 12 credits in a year?

If you’ve taken more than the covered credits, you will receive a bill for those extra credits. Students enrolled in more than 12 credits per year are responsible for paying for additional credits at the discounted half rate of $138.25 per credit. For example, if you take 15 credits in one year, you will be billed for three (3) credits at the discounted rate (3 X $138.25 = $414.75). This bill will be mailed to the address you provided when you applied.

I’m Native American. Are there programs available to me to assist with costs?

For Native American students, we have a Native American Waiver Process when you have taken over 12 credits in an academic year. You should reach out to the UMFK Community Education Office for assistance in this case.