Canadian Financial Aid & Application Procedures

Non-U.S. citizens are not eligible for U.S. Federal financial aid. A discounted tuition rate is automatically available, and tuition savings can be substantial. Other UMFK financial assistance is limited to on-campus employment. To be considered for work, a University work-study application is required.

We encourage you to seek assistance through your Canadian Bursary. For Canadian Financial Assistance, try the following links.

Financial Assistance by Province

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If you’re a dual citizen, having both U.S. and Canadian Citizen status, you may opt to apply for U.S. Federal financial assistance (by completing a FAFSA), or you may choose to apply for Canadian assistance. However, you can receive aid from only one source (i.e., Canadian or American).

Dollar amounts provided are in U.S. funds unless stated otherwise.


As a Canadian student, you may be eligible for the scholarships and resources listed below.

Alternative Loans

Alternative Loans (in U.S. funds) through U.S. lenders may provide financial assistance to you or your parents if you can’t borrow traditional student loan programs or enough money to cover your college costs. You don’t typically need to submit a FAFSA to be considered for this assistance.

University Work-Study

A Limited amount of money may be available through the University Work-Study program if you don’t qualify for federal work-study. As a student, you are limited to part-time employment during the school year but may work 40 hours per week (for an average of 7.5 weeks) if employed under the summer University Work-Study program. Eligibility is not based on need, and the FAFSA isn’t required for consideration. Work-study earnings are paid every two weeks. You can apply for work-study jobs online through the UMFK portal.

More Information

Check out the links below if you need more information about financial aid options available to Canadian students