How to Order Transcripts

Students’ official academic records are maintained in the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts of these records are not furnished to individuals, other institutions, or prospective employers without the student’s written consent.

There are four different ways you can order a transcript:

Secure, Electronic Transcripts:

  • Do you need a transcript right away and don’t want to wait for the postal service to deliver mail across the country?
  • Are you applying for a job or graduate school, which requires an electronic transcript?

Please note that if you completed dual enrollment credits while in High School, it requires a UMS Student ID# for electronic transcripts. Orders will not be processed without a UMS Student ID# and will be denied by the National Student Clearinghouse for “No Student Record Found”.

The University of Maine at Fort Kent has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide secure, electronic delivery of official transcripts to an email address anywhere in the world.

The total cost for an electronic transcript is $4.00 per transcript or less if the receiving institution participates in the Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX), which is payable by credit card when you place your online order.

CAUTION: If you attended the University of Maine at Fort Kent prior to 1990, electronic records will not be available and can only request by mail option. If you respond, “YES” to the question “Did you attend University of Maine at Fort Kent prior to 1990”, the order will remain in the queue and WILL NOT be processed.

  • You’ll need to verify with the recipient to be sure that they will accept an electronic transcript.
  • You’ll want to send transcripts directly to another college if you’re hoping to be accepted and receive transfer credits.

Order Electronic Transcripts

Send Written Request for Transcripts

All transcript requests must be in writing. If you’re a current student, you can make a request through your Student Center in MaineStreet. You can also use our convenient online request form, download and complete a printable Transcript Request form, or send us a letter that includes all of the following:

  • Name
  • All names under which your records may be filed
  • Social Security number
  • Date of Birth
  • Dates of attendance
  • Your mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Whether or not you want an official or unofficial transcript
  • Address where you would like your transcripts mailed
  • Your signature and date signed

Mail your request to:

Registrar’s Office
University of Maine at Fort Kent
23 University Drive
Fort Kent, Maine 04743

Or FAX to 207-834-7887.

All transcripts sent directly to students will be marked “Issued to Student.” If you intend to forward the transcript to another party, the envelope must remain sealed until it reaches its destination.

Please allow five business days from receipt of the transcript request for processing. There is no charge to send a paper transcript.

University policy prohibits issuing official transcripts to any student indebted to the University.


  • Unofficial transcripts are merely copies of the transcript with no stamp or seal, usually used in-house or by students for personal use.
  • Official transcripts are transcripts in a sealed envelope that have the Registrar’s signature and the University Seal. The envelope is not to be opened until it reaches its official destination.

Additional Options for Current Students

If you are a current or recently current student, have access to MaineStreet, and have no financial holds on your account, additional transcript request options are available to you through your MaineStreet Student Center. For more information, see the Registrar’s Office section of the UMFK portal.

Faxed Requests

Transcript requests may be faxed to us. Requests to fax transcripts to other locations must include appropriate fax numbers and the name/location of the individual to receive the fax. Please note that only unofficial transcripts will be faxed.

Email Requests

Email requests for transcripts will only be accepted if you include your request as an attachment to your email. It must be a written request, with the date and your signature.

Please understand that if you email the Transcript Request form as an attachment your personal information could be at risk; email is not a secure way to transmit sensitive information.