Meeting Students’ Needs in Maine and Beyond

We offer Early College courses through a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of rural Maine high school students.

Early College

Maine Aspirations is a unique program where you can take live or online courses for college and high school credit while still in high school. This program is not exclusive to UMFK, but the University does work with school partners to ensure student and academic support structures, both at school and on campus, are in place. As a Maine Aspirations student, you can earn up to 12 credits per year.

If you qualify, you can take any 100 or 200-level online course the University offers. Some higher-level courses are allowed if you meet their requirements. Course lists are sent out to high school partners before the Registration period and listed on the website in the appropriate Resources section. If you live close to UMFK, you may also have the option of taking courses on campus.

Tuition is free for this program. The Maine Department of Education, through the Maine Aspirations program, pays for half the tuition, and UMFK grants a scholarship for the other half. You and your parents or guardians are responsible for the cost of textbooks.

You can get textbooks online through our campus store and choose between buying new, used, or e-books or renting books.

When you complete an Early College course, you will have grades placed on an official UMFK transcript which you can add to if you attend UMFK, or you can transfer those credits to another college of your choice. We encourage you to take General Education courses to make transferring credits easier.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Some UMFK Early College courses are taught at partner high schools by teachers qualified and approved as UMFK part-time faculty. This is known as Concurrent Enrollment. These courses are taught during the regular school day and can last one semester (3 credits) or a full year (3-6 credits).

Courses generally align with classes already taught at the high school (for example, Senior English can be aligned with UMFK’s English Composition I and II). Course curriculum must meet all of UMFK’s learning outcomes. Teachers must also provide evidence of rigor, assessment, and sample student work.

Early College Career Exploration Pathways

Gear up for your degree and career! Check out our Early College Career Exploration Pathways in high school and prepare for tomorrow’s workforce while earning the first semester of most career-focused majors at UMFK!

Workforce Early College

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AP4ME offers Maine high school students throughout the state the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses entirely online, regardless of where they live or their school’s ability to support AP courses.