Course Registration Options

Course registration can be done at any time. Registration procedures differ depending on your status with UMFK. Each is described below:

Newly Admitted Students

New students who have been admitted to degree programs will be contacted by their academic advisors to register for classes before the start of the semester. New students may also register for classes during Orientation held before the first day of classes.

Non-Degree Students

Students who are not in a degree program at UMFK may register at anytime prior to the end of the first week of classes each semester. An advisors consultation is encouraged, but is not required.

The 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects the privacy of educational records. The Act also identifies certain categories of student records as “Directory Information.” Directory Information includes the student’s name, street, degree, Major field of study, awards and honors (including Dean’s List), and date/place of birth. To suppress “Directory Information” from public distribution, complete the Directory information Disclosure form in the Registrar’s Office.

Degree Students

Students in degree programs at the University of Maine at Fort Kent are required to obtain their Advisor’s approval prior to registering for classes. Please see the Registrar’s Office section in the UMFK Portal for more information.