Veteran and Military Students: Thank You for Your Service!

UMFK thanks you for your service to our country, and we are proud and honored to serve you in return. With our small class sizes, personal attention, and numerous online programs, UMFK is a great place for you to launch into a successful career outside of the military.

If you’re a veteran and seeking funds through the VA, you will need to complete our Veteran Request for Certification form, located in the UMFK portal, before the start of each semester.

Veteran Certification Request

Access to the UMFK portal is required

Helpful Links

Military Friendly

A gold-designated military-friendly school

Military Spouse Friendly

Designated a military-friendly spouse school

Veteran Certification Office

If you have questions about the certification process, please contact our Veteran Certification Office.

Assistant Registrar and VA Certifying Official/Transfer Officer