Keeping Our Campus Safe

As a UMFK student, your safety is a top priority. To meet that goal, our campus has several alert and notification systems to inform you of information necessary to your well-being.

Outdoor Warning System

In the case of a significant emergency, our campus has a two-siren outdoor warning system. Our Emergency Management Team will activate this system only for major emergencies requiring immediate action for your safety. When activated, you’ll hear three blasts followed by a brief message. Should you hear the sound of this alarm, listen closely to the message, follow any instructions given, and listen for the “all-clear” siren (one blast).

Electronic Notifications

We also provide a system for electronic notifications to our faculty, staff, and students. If you sign up for these alerts, you’ll receive messages, as appropriate, from our team through phone calls, emails, and text messages (depending on the mode of delivery you select). These notices will provide you with important information and actions to take if needed.

Once you have access to the UMFK campus portal, you’ll have the opportunity to set up or update your contact information to receive these messages. Keeping your information up-to-date is critical to ensure you receive these alerts’ vital information.

Web Alerts

In addition to the systems above, we also post notices on our website to inform you of any campus closures due to emergencies or inclement weather. These bulletins will display on the UMFK homepage and in our campus portal.