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Official UMFK Logos

University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743

UMFK Logo - Color - English Only

The University of Maine at Fort Kent logo emphasizes the university’s academic mission as well as its rural setting. The logo’s unique icon features the sun on the horizon and a bridge symbolizing the connection between the United States and Canada over the St. John River.

The primary version of the logo is horizontal and includes the French translation of University of Maine underneath a yellow dividing line. The French translation represents the local culture; however, you may omit the French line when used on materials targeting a larger audience.

Secondary Logo

The secondary version of the logo is vertical and should be used when the primary version is not ideal, such as when the logo is placed on narrow width pieces or tall, portrait oriented applications. For example, the vertical logo could be used on hanging banners where the logo is to be displayed as the focal point. Similarly the vertical logo could be used for smaller applications such as bookmarks, pens, or vertical online ads.

Tertiary Logo

The tertiary version of the logo contains only the icon only and should be used sparingly. When used, it should be clear that the message is coming from the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

Download Our Logos

For more information on UMFK branding and acceptable usage, please consult our Brand Guidelines.