Primary Color Palette

Color is an important identifier of the University of Maine at Fort Kent brand. The primary UMFK colors separate the university from other institutions and reinforce its history and the rural community it was founded in.

UMFK Green#0059410, 89, 65100%, 0%, 69%, 60%
UMFK Gold#f3cf1e243, 207, 306%, 15%, 97%, 0%

Secondary Color Palette

The following colors should be used to accent the primary colors in marketing materials. In addition, black and white may also be used.

#6ba38c107, 163, 14061%, 20%, 52%, 1%
#e6ddb3230, 221, 17910%, 9%, 33%, 0%
#eee9b2238, 233, 1787%, 3%, 37%, 0%
#b19d14177, 157, 207%, 13%, 98%, 30%
#c6ae18198, 174, 247%, 13%, 98%, 20%
#072a1b7, 42, 2784%, 53%, 80%, 72%
#1c3a2e28, 58, 4682%, 51%, 73%, 58%
#cae2d8202, 226, 21620%, 2%, 16%, 0%
#9e9e9e158, 158, 15841%, 33%, 33%, 1%

Fonts: Print Typography


Avenir is a geometric sans-serif font that offers the flexibility of multiple weights for use as headings, statistics, and call out copy.


Karla is a grotesque sans-serif font that’s best suited for body copy in print materials.


If Avenir and Karla are not available, Helvetica, a standard Mac OS sans-serif font can be used.

ITC Cheltenham

The University of Maine at Fort Kent logo uses the typeface ITC Cheltenham, which represents the strong, traditional aspect of the UMFK brand. Cheltenham should not be used in any other material with the exception of the logo.

Fonts: Web Typography

Museo Sans

The University of Maine at Fort Kent’s online presence requires a strong brand identity with the flexibility to span multiple digital channels. The UMFK web typeface is Museo Sans. Headings and important type should use Museo Sans 700, while body content should use Museo Sans 300. If Museo Sans is unavailable, Arial may be used as a substitute typeface on web media.

For more information on UMFK branding and acceptable usage, please consult our Brand Guidelines.