Withdrawal from the University has academic, financial, and personal implications.  To insure that the withdrawal is accomplished under the most favorable circumstances, a student contemplating such action should discuss the matter with an advisor, Campus Retention Coordinator, and the Director of Student Affairs.

If the decision to withdraw is made, the student obtains the proper form from the Student Affairs Office and processes it according to the instructions given.

Students who withdraw from the University without following the prescribed procedure jeopardizes their academic standing and forfeit refunds.

Students who withdraw from the University during the first week of classes may do so without grade penalty.  For students who withdraw from the University after the first week of classes, instructors will assign grades of “W” in all courses.  Grades of “W” are not computed in grade point averages.  Withdrawal from classes is not permitted after the last day of classes, prior to final semester exams of the semester (see Academic Calendar for semester dates).