Purpose: To define the intended use of the exhibit area and insure fair and equitable access.  


I.  Philosophy and Scope                          

A. The Library welcomes exhibits from a variety of sources, specifically any groups or individuals engaged in educational, cultural, or intellectual activities.                           

B. Just as the Library does not endorse the views presented in the various materials held in the library collection, neither does the Library endorse the views of those groups or individuals whose exhibits are installed here.                          

II.   Administration                        

A. Interested parties should arrange use of the exhibit area with the Reference Librarian. The Library provides this space on a first-come first-served basis. However, in the event of a scheduling conflict, Library staff  will make the final decision.                                                 

B. The Library cannot be held responsible for materials installed in the exhibit area and cannot guarantee their safety. The University’s insurance policy, however, may cover losses under its general policy. Exhibitors who wish to insure their exhibit items while they are displayed on campus must provide the appropriate information to the Reference Librarian prior to the exhibit installation date.                          

C. Exhibitors are responsible for the installation and the removal of their materials in a timely fashion. If the Library must install or remove items in the Exhibitor’s place, either at the Exhibitor’s request, or due to the Exhibitor’s failure to remove items, the Library cannot be responsible for any accidental damage done to the items. Exhibitors should work with the Reference Librarian to insure that the gallery space can accommodate the materials in the exhibit.                          

D. Exhibitors are responsible for publicizing their exhibit. The University Public Relations coordinator may choose to cover the event, but the Library cannot guarantee such coverage.