The University of Maine at Fort Kent uses a system of letter grades to measure student achievement. The grades are reported to the Registrar’s Office by the faculty at the end of each semester. Grades reports are not mailed to students, unless requested by the student. Students may obtain grades by phone (207)834-7575) or by logging into their Student Center.

Transcripts of grades are withheld for students who have unpaid balances on their accounts or overdue library books. It is also the University policy to withhold grades for students who have defaulted on their university-based student financial loans.

The grades that are reported to the Registrar are used to compute the Cumulative Grade Point Average. Each grade is assigned a numeric value of quality points:

Grade Quality Points Per Credit
A (Highest Honors) 4.00
A- (Highest Honors) 3.67
B+ (Honors) 3.33
B (Honors) 3.00
B- (Honors) 2.67
C+ (Satisfactory) 2.33
C (Satisfactory) 2.00
C- (Satisfactory) 1.67
D+ (Low Passing) 1.33
D (Low Passing) 1.00
D- (Low Passing) 0.67
F (Failing) 0.00
P (Pass/Fail) (grade of “C” or better) 0.00
LP (Pass/Fail) (grade of “C-” to “D-“) 0.00
F* (Pass/Fail) 0.00
DG (Deferred) 0.00
I (Incomplete) 0.00
W (Withdrew) 0.00

The number of credits in each course is multiplied by the numeric value of each grade received. The product is the total of quality points earned in each course. The Cumulative Point Average (CPA) is obtained by dividing the number of credit hours attempted at UMFK into the total number of quality points earned (18 credit hours attempted divided into 54 quality points gives a CPA of 3.0).

Courses which are assigned pass/fail grades are not used in the computation of grade point averages. Grades of “W” withdrew, “F*” failure in a pass/fail course, “I” incomplete, or “DG” deferred, do not have a numeric quality point average and are not used to compute grade averages.


In rare instances a student may be unable to complete the semester’s course work for reasons beyond the student’s control. In such cases the instructor will assign the temporary grade of “I” (Incomplete). An “I” grade must be removed within two weeks after the close of the semester or Summer Session in which the student enrolled for the course. “I” grades not changed during the two weeks after the close of the semester will be converted to a grade of “F”. Grades of “F” are computed in grade point averages.


Due to the nature of some courses which may continue into the following semester or other circumstances, instructors may assign grades of “DG” (Deferred). Grades of “DG” must be removed before the close of the semester or summer session following the semester in which the student enrolled in the course. Grades of “DG” left unchanged after that period of time will be converted to grades of “F.” Grades of “F” are computed in grade point averages.


At the end of each semester, the student should determine the fairness of all grades received. In the event of a question, the appropriate instructor should be contacted immediately for resolution. If a change of grade is justified, the student should secure the appropriate form from the Registrar’s Office, attach a statement of documentation, and proceed to process the request. All grades which remain unchanged according to the foregoing procedure as of 30 days following the day of Registration for the next semester or summer session will be presumed to be fair and not subject to change.