Brief Biography

I graduated from UMFK in Spring 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and a minor in MHRT studies. When I was looking into universities, I was tempted to look at the national rankings or to stay local, but I thought this was not a great idea if I wanted to experience life in another state. While researching UMFK, I found the school to be very diverse. I was amazed by how many out-of-state students were attending UMFK. I come from a big city where there is a lot of diversity, so the school made me feel at home.

I chose UMFK because it is a small university. I feel that I learn better in a smaller class environment. To me, size matters, and UMFK offers small class sizes, which is great because professors know who you are.

UMFK is very affordable, the dorms are in excellent condition, and their advisors help you in every way that they can to keep you on track with your studies. As long as you put effort into your classes, professors will help students succeed. UMFK developed my academic studies and network connections to be successful, making sure I had the right credits to graduate in my major and eventually lead to employment. The professional advising at UMFK helped me build ownership and critical thinking skills to achieve my spiritual, academic, and professional goals.

At UMFK, I was able to build connections that lead me to finish my internship back home in Monterey, CA. After graduating, I returned to California and accepted a position in the Behavioral Science field. My next goal is to finish my Master’s in Education at the University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

I have truly enjoyed UMFK and the opportunities I have received.