Policy on Procedures of Policies

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All polices will be made available from a single “Institutional Policies” link on the UMFK website.

The procedure for submitting new or revised policies will be the following: complete the new Policy Creation/Modification Form available under Campus Forms or from the Policies page; seek input on the policy from either VPAS or Academic Leadership Council; receive approval by either the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) or the Vice President for Administration (VPA); deliver the VPAA/VPA signed form to the President’s Office for final approval.  The President may choose to bring the policy to Executive or Cabinet for further input prior to making a decision.

Upon making a decision, the President’s office will return the policy form to either the VPAA or the VPA. It is the responsibility of these two offices to submit the electronic version of approved policies to Web Services and to maintain the signed policy forms.

Policies will not be published and will not go into effect until the authorized and approved signatures are received. New policies will be posted to the web and then a link will be emailed to campus. All policies should be reviewed at least every five years by the Initiating Department.

Holiday Office Staffing Policy

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When a holiday falls on a day when regularly scheduled academic year classes are held, administrative offices will be closed with the exception of the Student Support Services. The bookstore, library, and sports center will be open with minimal staffing and essential facilities staff will be on duty as assigned.

Supervisors will determine staffing requirements and assignments for holidays in advance and notify employees so they can make appropriate plans. Student employees are to be used to the extent possible in order to keep facilities open yet allow most regular employees to observe holidays on the recognized day. Compensation for employees requried to work will be in accordance with the applicable handbook or bargaining agreement. All non-classroom facilities and offices will be closed on holidays during the summer session (Memorial Day and Independence Day).

Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy

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As stewards of public monies, the University expects that travel and relocation expenses will be kept to a minimum. The University will typically reimburse up to $1000.00 for intrastate moves and up to $2000.00 for interstate moves. An additional amount not to exceed $1000.00 may be authorized by special request. All such reimbursements are subject to IRS regulations, University of Maine System policies, and APL Section 4. H. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, moving expense reimbursement requests must be submitted for payment in the same fiscal year as the start date of the appointment.

APL – Moving Expense Reimbursement – http://www.maine.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Moving-Expense-Reimbursement-2014-APL-1.pdf

Late Fee Policy

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All students will be charged the $50.00 late fee per month if they do not make payment arrangements by the deadline of one week before classes for pre-registered students or at the time of registration if registration occurs after the deadline.

Payment Plan Fee Policy

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The payment plan fee of $30 per semester (not to exceed $90/year) will be assessed for individual payment plans as well as the standard optional plans made available at the start of each semester.

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Data reporting responsibilities for the Institutional Performance Scorecard Key Performance Indicators

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On or about July 1 each year the Council for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment will contact individuals or offices previously charged with the collection of data and goal setting regarding progress made on the institutional strategic plan. Identified individuals or offices will report said data and corresponding goals on or before July 15 of each year. The Council for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment having gathered said information will deliver it before July 30 to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Records will be maintained by both the Council and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Pending Financial Aid

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If a student’s financial aid award has not been finalized within two weeks of the start of classes, the student must immediately enter into a payment agreement with the Business Office and begin making payments on the account. Any credit balance after posting of financial aid will be promptly refunded to the student.

(Note: Student bills are due one week before classes begin for pre-registered students or on the day a student registers for classes. If students are unable to make full payment they must make payment arrangements and/or sign a pending financial aid form in the Business Office.)

Student Refund Policy

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The Business and Financial Aid Offices will request and post loans and issue initial refund checks through the accounts payable system twice a week beginning one week prior to the start of each semester and continuing for at least the first three weeks of the semester. (Initial refund checks will be issued to students one week prior to the start of the semester.) Of note for students:

Loans will only be requested for registered students whose financial aid and loan applications are complete. Completion includes student acceptance of the lien and the lender’s (bank or credit union’s) receipt of the signed Master Promissory Note.

The processing time to issue a refund check is ten to fourteen days after the loan request is made, plan accordingly.

Emergency student loans will not be approved in order to avoid or shorten the normal processing time above.


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In order to maintain a focus on institutional fundraising and the highest priority needs of this campus, proposals for committee, divisional and/or departmental solicitation of gifts or other fundraising activities are not encouraged and will not typically be approved. Exceptional requests may be made in writing to an appropriate member of the President’s Cabinet for review and possible forwarding to the President. Student groups, including athletic teams, must follow Student Senate fundraising guidelines and the Campus Solicitation Policy. Any off-campus solicitation or fundraising (as well as gifts or in-kind services) must be registered with the Development Office.

Appeals Policy: Statute of Limitations

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Appeals for the exception to the established refund practice must be made to the designated university official. Appeals must be made in writing and will be considered up to 90 days after the close of the semester/session for which the student is claiming a refund. For a typical semester/session the dates are no later than March 31 (Fall), August 31 (Spring) and November 30 (Summer). University academic appeals committees hear appeals on academic matters and have no authority to authorize refunds.