Brief Biography

I chose UMFK because I was looking for a small college/university where I would be able to obtain a quality education and not be lost in the masses at a large college/university. During the college tour, I knew this was the University that would be the most successful in my pursuit of a high-quality education. I chose the Criminal Justice [General Studies] major due to wanting to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, and after reviewing the curriculum, I knew the classes I would take would provide me with the best education and hands-on experience I would need to succeed in a Law Enforcement career.

During my two years at UMFK, I obtained a high-quality education and earned my associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout the years since I graduated, I have utilized the knowledge I have learned to succeed in my Law Enforcement career. Professor Darrell Ouellette utilized his knowledge of Law Enforcement which provided such a positive learning experience that I have been able to use what was taught throughout the years. Professor Ouellette utilized a hands-on teaching approach which provided a real-life experience that solidified that I wished to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

During my time attending classes, the hands-on experience was the most beneficial education I received. A career in Law enforcement changes on a daily basis, and the answer may not always be in a book. Professor Ouellette’s classes touched on so many different topics, but some that I remember were casting a footprint in class, processing a crime scene, collecting evidence, and going to the Augusta Crime Lab to learn what their role is in processing evidence, etc. UMFK Criminal Justice program is a fantastic program that will provide you with vital knowledge for those wishing to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, be it either a Police Officer or Corrections Officer.

Currently, I am a Lieutenant with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at Federal Correctional Institution in Berlin, NH. I started my career in September 2007 as a Correctional Officer at FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey. During my 12 years in Corrections, I moved to Berlin, NH, joined FCI Berlin as a Corrections Officer, and in 2014 was promoted to Lieutenant.

I do wish to say thank you to the educators at UMFK, and a special thank you to Professor Darrell Ouellette for the amazing experience I had when I attended UMFK.