Brief Biography

I chose UMFK because it is a small, tight-knit campus, being a non-trad student I thought it would be easier to get used to going back to school. I am from the area, and at 18 years old I moved away. After seven years of being in southern Maine I chose to come back to Fort Kent to attend UMFK to be closer to my family.

The program prepared me for many things. Getting back into school was hard at first, because things have changed so much since I was last in school. Being a small school, the professors, advisors, and tutors got me up to speed very efficiently. I feel like the program brought me up to date on how to be a student but also provided me the opportunity to learn biology from top notch professors. They gave me numerous opportunities to work in the field on current projects and get firsthand experience. I was able to work in laboratories and learn real skills. I got to meet numerous people and make connections with professionals from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, DOT, Allagash Wilderness Waterway park rangers, Maine Medical Research Center, and so many more.

I graduated in 2018 with a bachelors in biology with a concentration in ecology and a minor in GIS. I am working at the UMFK as the Laboratory manager and forestry and environmental studies program assistant, and I am living in Wallagrass, Maine.