Brief Biography

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science degree from the University of Maine at Fort Kent in December 2015. When I began college, I was unsure of which field I wanted to pursue. I started with general education courses and eventually earned my associate’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2014. I completed Behavioral Science courses simultaneously and quickly discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed the content and classes. The two majors paired well together, which will undoubtedly continue to benefit me in the future. As a native of Fort Kent, being able to stay close to home was a plus. I was able to work while attending college, and my employers were flexible with my schedule. I was able to complete my internship with a social worker in the psychiatric units at Northern Maine Medical Center, which ended with me obtaining a job as a social worker with them. I still work with them today and enjoy working with individuals with mental health disorders on a daily basis. The Behavioral Science program helped prepare me for my career as a social worker. Having a professor that is a provider himself in the field was immensely beneficial. I share my experience with others who express interest in the Behavioral Science program at every available opportunity. With the skill set UMFK helped me build, I feel competent in my field and prepared to take on challenges as they occur.