Brief Biography

Adam Bagley
Maine Forest Ranger

Applied Forest Management and Conservation Law Enforcement Graduate

I chose UMFK because of the small town feel and the close knit university community. There are few colleges where you can talk to all of your professors as you would a close friend and that truly was the best part of being a UMFK student.

Other great aspects of my time at UMFK were the many opportunities to do hands on activities and even get certifications through the many programs offered at UMFK. One such opportunity for me was taking the S130 and S190 woodland fire fighting classes through a degree requirement for the Applied Forest Management program. This opened my eyes to the world of wildfire suppression and the Maine Forest Service.

After internship opportunities and travel outside of Maine to Montana on wildfire mobilizations I now am a Forest Ranger with the Maine Forest Service and I look forward to serving my community in the future.

Mission Ready