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Health & Wellness Resources

local bicyclists after completing a charity raceBelow are a number of health and wellness related resources which faculty, staff and students may find useful. The Health and Wellness Committee encourages anyone in the campus community with ideas for health-related links or resources to please contact us to share your ideas. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting your suggestions:

  • The link should be to a general health/wellness resource site as opposed to specific pages within that site. Specific articles may be shared on the Health and Wellness Facebook page, while allowing us to keep the Health and Wellness Resources page free of clutter.
  • Avoid links where the primary focus of the site is to promote/sell a product. It is our policy to not advertise or promote commercial products on the UMFK website and associated websites.

General Resources

  • CampusGuides - Health and Wellness at UMFK: A great site to find useful resources and links to make your student life healthier and less stressful.
  • Candlelighters is an organization that has supported the needs of families facing childhood cancer for more than 20 years.
  • The web presence for the Dr. Oz Show, this site offers a number of health tips, articles and resources for healthier living, including many topics discussed on The Dr. Oz Show.
  • This site offers a number of resources for general wellness as wellness resources that are more targeted towards specific groups. The site also includes community forums for discussing health issues, as well as resources to find specialists in specific health, wellness and medical fields.
  • This is the wellness section of the United States government's National Institutes of Health.
  • Web MD is a well-known web resource with a plethora of medical and health-related information. The site includes an interactive symptom checker for those seeking possible causes to symptoms they may be experiencing.
  • RealAge: RealAge provides an online health assessment, and also provides the latest health tips to help you lead a longer, stronger, happier life.
  • Easy Health Options provides nature and wellness information on a number of topics, and includes articles from a number of doctors and medical practitioners.

Resources for Healthy Eating

Exercise and Fitness Resources

  • Fort Kent Trail Map: A map displaying the locations of various trails across the town of Fort Kent which may be used for hiking, bicycling, and other activities.
  • The Sitting Disease Prevention Guide: A guide from which is packed with the latest and most comprehensive information related to sitting disease and the health risks associated with prolonged sitting and inactivity.

Self Care and Naturopathy

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Awareness Resources 

Health-Related Publications

  • The web presence of Women's Health magazine, which caters to women's health issues and awareness.
  • The online home of Men's Health magazine, which focuses on information and resources pertaining to health issues related specifically to men.
  • Prevention magazine's online presence, providing information for healthier eating, weight loss, fitness and more.