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UMFK professor to deliver a presentation at the World Conference on E-Learning in Phoenix, Arizona

October 31, 2003


University of Maine at Fort Kent associate professor of computer science, Raymond Albert, has been invited to deliver a presentation at the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education. The World Conference will take place from November 7 through 11 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The title of Albert's presentation is "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Online: Maintaining Balance".

Albert learned of his acceptance in September, when he received an e-mail from the program committee of E-Learn 2003, stating that after a rigorous peer review, the committee had decided to accept his submission for presentation.

"I am deeply honored to have been selected, particularly in light of the fact the acceptance rate for AACE conferences is only about 30 percent," said Albert. "This reaffirms the significance of the scholarship of teaching and learning to the global community of online educators."

The E-Learn conference series is an international forum designed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on the research, issues, developments, and applications of a broad range of topics relating to e-learning.

E-Learn is an innovative collaboration between the top public and private academic researchers, developers, education and business professionals, and end users from the corporate, healthcare, government, and higher education sectors.

All presentation proposals are reviewed and selected by a respected International Program Committee, based on merit and the perceived value for attendees.

Coverage of a very wide range of interrelated topics is just one of the features that distinguishes the E-Learn series of conferences. Attendees are able to mix and match sessions to focus on the combination of topics that are of the most interest, concern and benefit to them.

While there are keynote and invited speeches delivered by internationally recognized technology experts, the conference is more of a participatory event. This means that all attendees play an important, interactive role, offering valuable feedback and insight gained from their own experiences.

The atmosphere of the conference is aimed at being exciting and energizing, where a wealth of knowledge is gathered and exchanged, as professionals from disparate but related fields come from all over the world to meet one-on-one or in small groups and learn about new developments that impact their respective activities.

Although the conference is not a trade show, E-Learn encourages commercial participation. There isn't a formal exhibition, however, the conference uniquely relates and displays commercial activities throughout the program in the form of showcases, demonstrations and other presentations by companies.

Albert has been a professor of computer science at UMFK since January of 1997. He received his PhD in 1996 from the University of Florida and received his associate professorship at that time.

Albert also delivered a presentation at the Eighth Sloan-C International Conference held in November of 2002 in Orlando, Florida. His presentation "New and Improved Accountability" focused on a very serious educational issue, namely, the scholarship of teaching.