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October 30, 2006


University of Maine at Fort Kent Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Joseph Becker, has been named to the editorial board of the Foundation for Mythological Studies' Electronic Journal.

The mission statement for the organization, which is based in California, notes that the primary objectives of the Foundation for Mythological Studies are a renewed interest in the cultural heritage of mythologies; the development of an approach to mythology that recognizes the inherent spirituality without insistence on adherence to dogma or creed; and the creation of educational projects in the fields of mythology, ecology, and depth psychology.

According to its website, the Foundation for Mythological Studies provides "non-faith-based initiatives and programs aimed at addressing the growing sense of isolation from each other and from nature." The Foundation's website can be accessed at .

The journal seeks to further the Foundation's mission by providing resources for scholars and educators researching mythological topics as well as providing a publication opportunity for scholars to present articles, short stories, current research, or abstracts from manuscripts or books. The FMS E-journal already has received international recognition for content, research, and for maintaining high publication standards.

Professor Becker is excited about the opportunity to work with such a publication and looks forward to reviewing materials submitted by scholars from around the world. He has long been a researcher in comparative mythology and teaches a number of courses in the Mythological Studies minor at UMFK.

Professor Becker's wife, Geraldine Cannon Becker, introduced him to the Foundation for Mythological Studies in 2005, sending him some information she had obtained through her own earlier contact with members of the organization.

Professor Becker found that the Foundation's focus on depth psychology and ecology matched his own areas of interest, as well. His doctoral dissertation applied Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung's principles of depth psychology to several English and French literary works. As a youth, he gained a strong interest in biology and ecology which gave him a deep respect for humanity's connection with the natural world. Thus, when he received news that the Foundation for Mythological Studies was seeking an assistant editor, he responded right away.

Becker states, "I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get involved with an important organization whose mission coincides with my own interests in mythology and ecology."

Dr. Becker joined the faculty of UMFK in 2003. He completed his doctorate in Comparative Literature in 2002 at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and he holds Master's degrees in Comparative Literature (University of Arkansas, 1999) and English Literature (Winthrop University, 1990).

He has taught at community colleges and universities in North and South Carolina, Arkansas, and Virginia. He has attended academic and professional conferences in the U.S. and Canada, and published over two-dozen articles in various scholarly publications. He is co-facilitator of the North Woods Jung Society and teaches composition and literature courses at UMFK.