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UMFK English Professor reads to Fort Kent Elementary School Kindergarten Students

October 12, 2004



UMFK assistant professor of English Geraldine Cannon Becker, dressed as a pirate, reads to Fort Kent kindergarten students.

University of Maine at Fort Kent assistant professor of English, Geraldine Cannon Becker, took time to share her love of reading with her daughter's kindergarten class at the Fort Kent Elementary School.

"Books and children belong together," said Cannon Becker, who has recently had an award winning poem published in the political issue of The Pedestal, an online magazine.

Cannon Becker entertained the students with the story How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long. In addition, she gave each child in the classroom a copy of the book as a gift.

Along with the book, Cannon Becker, who dressed up as a pirate to read the story, sent each child in the classroom home with a pirate hat, a temporary tattoo and a number of activity sheets.

According to Cannon Becker the main character in the story gets to be a pirate and he thinks it is neat at first, but one of the things he misses most is being read to at night.

"I hoped the children would spend some time thinking about what a treasure it is to have a story read to them and what a pleasure it is to be able to read. They are learning so many new things. It is an exciting time," said Cannon Becker.

She commented that even though she reads to her daughter every night, it was an adventure, in and of itself, to go read to a large group of inquisitive children.

"Before I left," said Cannon Becker, "I told them if anyone asked me what treasure I'd want to find if I were a pirate'even for a day' my treasure would be words."

Cannon Becker wished she could have given every child in the school such a treat, and was glad she was able to donate a copy of How I Became a Pirate to the FKES library.