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UMFK Theatre Prepares Fall Performance, Plans Spring Productions

November 5, 2007


The University of Maine at Fort Kent theatre will preview its fall production, Jane Martin’s “Talking With…” with performances planned for Thursday, November 15, Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17.  Performances will begin at 7:00 p.m. onstage of the Fox Auditorium.             

Admission for the performance is free for UMFK students, adult admission is $3 and student’s kindergarten through grade 12 is $1.   

“Talking With…” is a series of monologues for women.  Each monologue is about five to eight minutes in length. “The range of experiences is immense,” said Zubrick. “You have quirky actresses, a rodeo rider, a snake handler, women dealing with personal loss, an expectant mother, a homeless woman who finds solace at McDonald’s, and a woman who finds a solution to her former husband’s accusation that she had been ‘unmarked by life.’”            

“New, returning and former students have pitched in for this production,” said Joe Zubrick. “Last year we attempted the same show but couldn’t get a ‘critical mass’ of students who were interested and available for the planned production.”            

Newcomers Meghan Kelly (Lincoln, Maine - “Rodeo”), Lauren Caswell (Woodbury, New Jersey - “Clear Glass Marbles”), Margaret Mahoney (Ashland, Maine - “French Fries”) and Kelly Kirk ( Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia - “Lamps”) join returning students Jessica Arsenault (Ellsworth, Maine - “Dragons”), Aubrie Daigle (New Canada - “Audition”), Keren Fitzherbert (Fort Kent  -  “Marks”) and Stephanie Drake (Eagle Lake -  “15 Minutes”) and former student Julie Daigle (Cross Lake Township - “Handler”) to make up the ensemble.                        

“There’s still room for a few monologues,” explained Zubrick. “The play is expandable based on the number of interested actresses. The original material was developed in workshops at the Actor’s Theater in Louisville, Kentucky,” he added.      

Seating in the back stage format will be limited to about 90 seats according to Zubrick. “We use the backstage environment, as we did with ‘Butley,’ to promote a sense of intimacy between the actors and the audience. It also allows the actors to experience a three quarter thrust, with the audience on three sides.”                             

According to Zubrick, there are plans for two possible productions this spring. “It’s been three years since we did ‘The Vagina Monologs’ as a fund raiser for the Battered Woman’s Project in Fort Kent. We’re looking to either repeat that production or do something like ‘Extremities’ for a fundraiser. In April, we are looking at possibly doing ‘Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ or a musical along the lines of Studs Turkel’s ‘Working.’” The options are open now as we consult with student sand faculty on what shows might be most appropriate. I’m leaning toward the Stoppard play (Rozencrantz and Guildenstern) because we can do it, in part, as a project for the Acting Fundamentals class this spring.”            

Zubrick also mentioned the potential revival of the Brown Bag Theater Series this spring.  The Brown Bags featured a variety of original scenes, improve, dance and music and were meant as casual entertainment for campus community members during their lunch breaks.             

For information on any performing arts related matters, please contact Joe Zubrick at or by phone at 834-7591.