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University of Maine at Fort Kent offering Osher Scholarships

November 26, 2004


The University of Maine at Fort Kent, through the University of Maine System, is offering Osher scholarships to Maine residents for the spring 2005 semester.

A college education can mean higher income, more career options and job satisfaction.

The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage more Maine people of all ages to give college a try. It is specifically designed for individuals who have never completed a college course.

Osher Scholarships, available system wide, provide an award of up to $550 to be applied toward tuition, required books, and all fees associated with the course.

To qualify, a student must be a Maine resident, a high school graduate or GED recipient, and someone who is committed to completing a 100, 200 or developmental level course offered at UMFK or UNET ITV sites in Van Buren, Eagle Lake or Madawaska.

"Some people take a tentative first step, while others sign up for a more challenging course, something that really interests them," said Donald Eno, academic outreach coordinator at UMFK.

Once enrolled, tutoring assistance is available, as well as workshops on developing study skills, time organization strategies and other skills that will help students make the most of college. Advisors can also help students find additional sources of financial aid so they can continue their studies if they choose.

"Our Osher Scholarship participants have included parents who work part time as well as full time employees looking to improve job skills," added Eno.

Classes may be regularly scheduled daytime classes, once per week evening courses or courses available through the University of Maine System Interactive Television network. All courses except the Academic Services Program (ASP) courses are available for credit.

Osher Scholarships are funded through the Osher Foundation and the Maine State Legislature. The scholarships make it feasible for many Maine residents who have not seen college as a possibility to actually try a college course and see whether they might want to pursue further studies.

Since the fall of 2000, the Fort Kent campus has worked with over 30 students, who have been awarded the scholarships.

With these new Osher Scholarships, more than 929 Maine residents have had an opportunity to try college studies since the first scholarships were awarded in September 2000.

Now is the time to start the process of applying for a course for the fall semester, which begins in September.

Individuals interested in receiving more information about the Osher Scholarship program, courses and degree programs of the University of Maine System or to receive a scholarship request form, call Eno at 834-7835 or toll free at 1-888-TRY-UMFK.