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UMFK students honored at academic banquet

May 6, 2005



Students awarded with Scholarships at the University of Maine at Fort Kent annual Senior Class Banquet and Awards Convocation were (front row, left to right) Noelle Daigle, UMFK Alumni Association Scholarship; Frances O¹Hare, Floyd ³Red² Powell Scholarship; Meghan Goff, John L. Martin Environmental Scholarship; Jenna Clapp, Waneta T. Blake Scholarship; Kelly Lougee, The Associated Faculties of the University of Maine, Fort Kent Chapter Scholarship; and Josee Chamberland, Dr. Zui Sun Tao Memorial Scholarship and Jonathan and Dawn S. Moirs Memorial Scholarship. Also honored were (back row, same order) Lance Morin, Haenssler Fellowship; Shawn Caron, UMFK Alumni Scholarship; Jason Desjardins, Thomas S. Pinkham Memorial Scholarship; and Wendy Sirois, The Associated Faculties of the University of Maine, Fort Kent Chapter Scholarship.

Awards and scholarships were presented to deserving University of Maine at Fort Kent students at the senior class banquet and awards convocation, on May 6, in the UMFK SportsCenter.

The annual event, held the evening prior to commencement, is designed to honor graduating students for outstanding achievement throughout their years at the university, and to award underclassmen, continuing their education at UMFK, with financial assistance in recognition of hard work and campus involvement.

The first awards presented were the outstanding senior honors given by the UMFK Student Senate and the University Alumni Association. Receiving the top student award, voted upon by members of the Student Senate, was William Edward Barnum, a bachelor of science in environmental studies major from Woodland, Maine and Sarah Jo Smith, a major in biology and behavioral science from Fort Kent. The alumni outstanding senior award was presented to a bachelor of science major in business management, Gonzalo Juarez Martin from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The UMFK Alumni Association presented scholarships to Shawn Caron, a biology major of Fort Kent and Noelle Daigle, a behavioral science major of St. Francis.

Heather Faye Stevens of Fort Kent was awarded the Hubert J. Thibodeau Award, which is given to an education student who has a record of good scholastic achievement and shows promise to be an excellent future teacher.

The Joan T. Sylvain Award, which honors an outstanding education student who is working on a second degree, was presented to Susan Elizabeth Baird of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

The Teacher Education Award, which is given in recognition of academic excellence and expected future contributions within the area in education, was presented to Alaina Marie Pethick of Woodland, Maine.

Julie Keniston Daigle of Fort Kent, who earned a behavioral science degree, was named the recipient of the Roland A. Burns Award in the Arts and Humanities. The Burns Award is given in recognition of academic excellence and expected future contributions within the area of the arts and humanities.

Sherwin Kegan Britton of San Fernando, Trinidad was named the recipient of the Grindle Award, which is presented annually to a student who shows great promise in the area of social sciences.

The Gretchen Prize in Fine Arts, which recognizes students who show exceptional initiative and industry in the visual arts, was awarded to Sky E. Snook of St. Francois, New Brunswick.

Jessica Ann Arsenault from Ellsworth, Maine was awarded the performing arts award, which is given to a student who has made major contributions and outstanding achievements in university theatre and musical productions.

The Freshman Chemisty Award, presented to students who have completed both Chemistry I and Chemistry II courses and earned high grades in both classes, was awarded to Heather Marie Hickey of St. Francois, New Brunswick.

Two students were honored with the Behavioral Science Award, which is given to an academically strong graduating senior, who has either majored or minored in the area of social science. Melissa Anne Marie Hare of Curventon, New Brunswick and Michelle Renee Ouellette of Fort Kent were the award recipients.

Benjamin J. Boutot of Fort Kent, who is continuing his studies in the behavioral studies program, received the Criminal Justice Award for his academic achievement and demonstrated active interest in the field.

For his outstanding achievement and positive attitude toward learning, forestry student Nicholas Roger Pelletier of Eagle Lake was awarded the Associate in Forest Technology Award.

The Mathematics/Science Award, presented to a graduating senior who has completed a major or field in the subject area, and has maintained good academic standing, was presented to Sarah Jo Smith of Fort Kent, who earned a bachelor of science degree in biology and in behavioral science.

Faiza Maqsood of Karachi, Pakistan, a business major, was honored with the Business Management Award for outstanding work completing the degree program.

Julie Keniston Daigle, environmental studies major of Fort Kent, was presented the Environmental Studies award for her outstanding achievement and work in her major area of study.

Three awards were presented to UMFK nursing students. The Outstanding Nursing Student Award was presented to Denise Monique Potvin of St. John Plantation; The Outstanding RN-BSN Student Award was presented to Deborah C. Guilmette of South Gardiner, Maine and Melissa Emily Cyr of Caribou.

The Faculty Academic Achievement Award, which is presented to the student with the highest overall grade point average on all undergraduate work, was presented to Melissa Anne Marie Hare of Curventon, New Brunswick.

Nicholas Thibodeau of St. Francis earned the Associate of Arts Academic Achievement Award for outstanding work toward attaining his two-year degree.

The Dean's Award, which is awarded to a junior or senior student with a high grade point average and demonstrated scholarly attributes, was presented to Whitney Anne Bouchard of Madawaska.

Three students were awarded scholarships from the Associated Faculties of the University of Maine System, Fort Kent chapter. They were presented to Kelly Marie Lougee from Harmony, Maine; Jamey Lee Reitmeyer of Caribou and Wendy M. Sirois of Madawaska.

In addition to awards, eleven students were presented with scholarships at the annual banquet.

Other scholarship recipients included: Jenna Joy Clapp of Fort Kent, Waneta T. Blake Scholarship; Frances O'Hare of Van Buren, Floyd "Red" Powell Scholarship; and Jason Philip Desjardin of St. David, the Thomas S. Pinkham Memorial Scholarship.

The Dr. Zui Sun Tao Memorial Scholarship and the Jonathan and Dawn S. Moirs Scholarship were presented to Josée Diane Chamberland of St.Agatha.

The John L. Martin Environmental Scholarship was presented to Meghan Elizabeth Goff of Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Presidential Awards for Academic Excellence, awarded to students who have achieved the Dean's List for seven consecutive semesters at UMFK, were presented to Hatim Abouyahya of Tangier, Morocco; Noelle Daigle of St. Francis; Justin Dubois, Michelle Renee Ouellette, Jessica D. Gagnon, Julia M. Pelletier and Nikki Rose Theriault of Fort Kent; Melissa Anne Marie Hare of Curventon, New Brunswick; Betsy M. Nadeau of Eagle Lake and Jay Charles Lee of Houlton.

A final scholarship award, the Haenssler Fellowship was presented to Lance Paul Morin of Fort Kent.

Aside from students, a UMFK faculty member was honored by the senior class with the Outstanding Faculty Award. Dave L. Hobbins, professor of forestry and environmental studies was named the recipient for the academic year.