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March 12, 2012


University of Maine at Fort Kent Professor of Music and Education, Scott Brickman, will celebrate the digital release of his instrumental music, Winter and Construction, on Tuesday, April 3. The CD version will be released on Ravello Records three weeks later.

Brickman has been collaborating with members of the Strung Out Trio (Matt Gould – guitar, Beth Schneider – violin, Nathanael May – piano) since 2003. The CD contains seven works that Brickman has composed for various combinations of the ensemble. The trio will include Brickman's 2003 composition, Snowball, during a Midwest concert tour later this month. The trio premiered Snowball in Cyprus, during 2004.

The past academic year, Dr. Brickman has premiered three works, Bagatelle sans Tonalite performed by pianist Shiau-Uen Ding in New York City in September 2001; Figureheads (text by Kathleen Ellis) performed by soprano Jenny Greene and pianist David Friend in New York City in November 2011; and Solo Over Changes for piano and digital audio, which Brickman premiered on last month at the University of Alabama-Huntsville Festival of New Music.

Throughout his musical career and childhood, Professor Brickman has gathered influences ranging from the European-American classical tradition of the 2nd Viennese School, to Elvis Costello and The Beatles.

Also, on March 20, DuoSolo will perform on the UMFK campus “Wind Power,” a musical piece by Dr. Brickman.

On WINTER & CONSTRUCTION, his debut release on Ravello Records, Brickman maintains these disparate influences and brings them together into well-crafted whole to craft sharp, pointed, and modernistic 12-tone pieces for guitar, piano, and violin. Through each piece, he proves his ability to meld the traditional 12-tone procedures of the 2nd Viennese School and the U.S. East Coast with the subjective aspects of his identity as a Midwest-born New Englander.

Ravello Records is the contemporary classical label imprint of audio production house PARMA Recordings. Dedicated to highlighting forward thinking composers and musicians from around the world, the New England-based label's eclectic catalog offers listeners a cross-section of today's up-and-coming innovators in orchestral, chamber, and experimental music.