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Law Enforcement Pre-Service Graduates

June 2, 2008



L to R: Ben Boutot, Ashland PD; Lt. Darrell Ouellette, ME State Police; Chief Doody Michaud, Ft Kent PD; Jacqueline Wycoff; Brad Plourde; Brian Caron, Heather Gagnon; Lee Jackson; John Albert; Corey Saucier; Tim St Peter; Ben Bouchard; Jessica Albert; Matt Bouchard, Jo Dawn Arbour; Emery Demers; Chief Mike Bresett, Van Buren PD; Dr. Richard Cost, UMFK President; Dr. Tony Enerva, UMFK Faculty.

Thirteen students graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s Law Enforcement Pre-Service Program, also known as the “100-Hour course,” held on the campus of the University of Maine at Fort Kent from May 12 through May 30. Members of the 100 percent graduation rate class are pictured here with their volunteer UMFK and regional adjunct instructors, as well as with personnel from local and regional law enforcement agencies, following a graduation ceremony on May 30. The “100-hour course” is mandatory and is required by the state of Maine as the minimum level of training for any law enforcement officer. The course normally is offered at the Academy, located in Vassalboro, and at other sites around the state. UMFK began hosting the course last summer. To date, 72 students have graduated from the courses held in Fort Kent.