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July 8, 2009


University of Maine at Fort Kent Assistant Professor of Adult Health Nursing, Tanya Sleeper, has been accepted to participate in the third Health Leadership Development Class this fall in Hallowell, Maine.  

 The Health Leadership Development Class (HLD) is sponsored by The Hanley Center and the Institute for Civic Leadership, located in Portland, Maine. 

The leadership classes included a diverse mix of clinicians, administrators, public health leaders, government officials and policymakers, educators, payers, employers, attorneys and others. The class included individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are involved in Maine's health and healthcare community.  

Participants develop a wide range of core leadership competencies and build their knowledge of key issues, trends and public policy through case studies, speakers, and readings.

The Hanley Center and Institute for Civic Leadership partnered in 2006 to design a national-caliber program aimed at providing emerging and evolving leaders with the skills, knowledge, confidence and relationships they need to be effective leaders in Maine’s increasingly complex, competitive, and demanding healthcare environment.  The program was developed with the active involvement of a 24-member advisory committee.  A highly-experienced design team helped shape the curriculum. 

Sleeper also has been selected as a recipient of a $2,500 scholarship, through the Maine Health Management Coalition, to be used for the HLD class.  

The scholarship was awarded based on the following criteria: the recipient is an employee of a Coalition-member company; has demonstrated a commitment to improve the value of healthcare delivered to, or received by, patients or employees; a desire to become a future leader in Maine in furthering the mission of the Coalition; and currently works with Coalition activities. 

The Maine Health Management Coalition is a non-profit organization, with more than 50 members representing public and private employers; hospitals; health plans; and doctors, working together to measure and report healthcare value.   

The University of Maine System is a member of the Maine Health Management Coalition.  ###