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Signs of upcoming 125th Anniversary now visible at UMFK

July 4, 2003


Prospective and current students, alumni, faculty and individuals in the general public who come in contact with the University of Maine at Fort Kent over the next year will, without a doubt, know the school is celebrating.

Although official festivities do not begin until late August, the signs of UMFK's 125th anniversary are already evident on and around the campus.

A new sign has been erected at the main entrance, one which prominently displays the revised university logo, featuring the insignia "125 years" with a banner over it that reads "Celebrating Education Since 1878".

In addition to that sign, UMFK has ordered several banners with the 125th anniversary logo that will be hung on campus and on the light poles leading to campus on either side of Pleasant Street before the school year begins in September.

Visitors to Fort Kent and the university campus will not be the only ones to see the visual signs of the university's celebration. As of July first, all UMFK official correspondence is being issued on a special stock of letterhead and mailed in a new envelope, both of which display the anniversary logo.

"We are so excited about the coming year that we wanted to let everyone know we are celebrating. UMFK has a long and rich history of serving the educational and cultural needs of the St. John Valley, and this year will be about honoring that heritage. It will also be a year in which our campus celebrates and embraces the future with two new buildings under construction," said Jason Parent, director of university relations and chairperson of UMFK's 125th Anniversary planning committee.

Aside from those who visit the St. John Valley in the coming year, anyone in the world with access to the internet will have the opportunity to sample and even participate in the celebration.

UMFK's presence on the world wide web has been redesigned for the coming year and now features a "flash intro" with rotating images on the home page, which take visitors to the site through a brief pictorial history of the campus.

The website additionally has a new link that explores the 125th anniversary celebration itself. That site features a detailed event listing for the celebratory year, which runs August 2003 through May 2004, an historical timeline of major developments on the campus since it was founded as the Madawaska Training School in 1878, a photo and biographical sketch page of each of the university's nine presidents, and other links.

A special section of the site that will be activated on September first, hosts a UMFK historical trivia challenge. New questions will be posted on the first of each month in September, October, November and December.

Visitors to the website will be able to compete in the contest, and the first person to submit all answers correctly each month will be awarded a prize. The contest will not end there, as the top eight overall participants during the four-month period will be invited to take part in a live UMFK trivia game show in mid-January.

The University will officially kick-off its 125th anniversary celebration events on August 27 at the Acadian Village in Van Buren with a re-enactment of the first day of classes at the Madawaska Training School in 1878.

The event is being held in Van Buren to honor the University's original dual locations in Fort Kent and Van Buren.

For more information on the UMFK 125th anniversary celebration, contact the university relations office at (207) 834-7557.