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July 20, 2012



Painting: Wellfeet Cove in Winter by Ellen Borges

The University of Maine at Fort Kent will offer Art 430 Drawing and Painting, a hands-on studio course, during UMFK's 2012 fall semester. The course, taught by Adjunct Visual Art Instructor, Therese Provenzano, MFA, is open to the community.

Through the understanding of line, form, perspective, and proportion students will construct paintings from life, as well as their own imagination. Drawing takes the lead in discovering ideas for fully realized works. Drawing also will be used as a visible construct for paintings. Unity will be emphasized through color theory. Students may choose to work in one medium or a combination of mediums for the course duration: acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolors.

The course is taught with an exploratory approach and is designed to develop skills in drawing and painting. It is open to all levels, whether a beginner or advanced. Instruction begins with the skill level each individual is at, and grows from there.

Spencer Jacoby of Gauteng, South Africa, is a 2012 graduate of UMFK. The Business Management major painted under Provenzano's instruction. He stated, “I made art because I enjoy the sense of freedom it allows me to have. You know for those three hours a week I could forget about what is going on and just paint. I get a sense of pride and fulfillment when a painting is finished.

Ellen Borges of Fort Kent, Maine and Wellfleet, Massachusetts, a non-traditional student stated, “In Therese Provenzano's art class I learned to focus on the emotional component that guides so much of art, while experimenting with new ways to use color and to paint. I have learned to trust my instincts when creating art.”

Linda Ayotte of St. Agatha, another non-traditional student expressed, “Art for me has been highly therapeutic and is a must in children's lives. I have grown as an artist by continuing to take college level art courses. Achieving portraiture is a new challenge for me.”

Danielle Jacobson of Bangor, Maine, a nursing student expressed, “I make art because I like creating something out of nothing, especially drawing and painting. To watch a blank page slowly fill with my own ideas and evolve into something beautiful and meaningful fills me with a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction.

The last day to register for Art 430 Painting and Drawing is Monday, July 30. The instructor is available to speak directly with students about waiving the prerequisite. Please call 207-231-4593 with any inquiries.