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UMFK plans trivia game show to mark 125th anniversary

January 16, 2004


Eight contestants, who think they know all there is to know about their campus, will go head-to-head in a contest designed to find the true "expert" on the history of the University of Maine at Fort Kent, when "UMFK: The Weakest Link," a trivia contest modeled after a popular game show is held in the Nadeau Hall teleconference room on Friday, January 30 at 7:00 p.m.

The competitors, who include UMFK alumni, faculty, staff and students, will challenge one another, and like the T.V. version of the "Weakest Link," will eliminate one another from the competition in each succeeding round until just one is left standing and named the trivia champion.

The event, part of the university's ongoing, year-long 125th anniversary celebration is open to the public. Audience members will witness the entertaining and informative evening as the contestants attempt to answer questions that date back to the founding days of UMFK, through the 125 years of history.

"We wanted to highlight some of the well-known milestones and lesser-known factoids of UMFK's past at some point during the celebration," said Jason Parent, chairperson of UMFK's 125th anniversary celebration. "This event promises to share some of the forgotten details, encourage reminiscing, and ensure amusement for all who take part and attend."

The game show follows a four-month trivia contest, which the 125th anniversary committee launched at the beginning of the school year in September. Campus and community members alike were invited to respond in writing or electronically to monthly questions posted on campus and on UMFK's web site.

With the preliminary competition concluded, representatives of key campus constituencies were selected by leaders of their respective groups to represent them in the live contest.

UMFK's alumni association has named Burnett Bowker, a member of the class of 1960 and Troy Jackson, a member of the class of 2001 to participate in the game show on behalf of graduates of UMFK, the Madawaska Training School, and the other names by which UMFK has been known since it was founded in 1878.

The UMFK student senate has appointed Leo Trudel from St. Francis, a freshman enrolled in the social science program, and Stephen Dean from Milo, a junior also enrolled in the social science program to represent the current student body in the contest.

University faculty will be represented by Scott Brickman, associate professor of music, and Charles "Chuck" Closser, professor of oral communications and performing arts as appointed by Rameen Aryana, chair of the UMFK faculty.

The employees of UMFK will be represented in the trivia contest by Scott Voisine, director of student services, from the professional staff, and Annette Grant, administrative assistant from the classified staff.

All eight contestants will participate in the first of eight rounds of questioning. With each subsequent round, the participants themselves will vote off one of their competitors.

When just two remain, a series of five different questions will be asked to each contestant, and the one who responds correctly to the greatest number will be named trivia champion.

For more information on "UMFK: The Weakest Link," contact the university relations office at (207) 834-7557.