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UMFK professor has his program used in the training of 5 campuses and 25,000 students in El Paso, Texas

December 24, 2004


Ray Albert, professor of computer science, was recently approached by the information security manager for El Paso Community College in El Paso, Texas, who is in the process of building an entire InfoSec (information security) program for their five-campus, 25,000 student college.

What Richard Buller was requesting of Albert was permission to use his instructional unit entitled "Your Password, Your Identity, Your Privacy" for a program on information security topics that he will be presenting in January to two groups of faculty where he will introduce a new password management standard for the five campuses.

"I would appreciate the use of your instructional unit as it fits my scheme," wrote Buller. "You have produced a very understandable unit with the impact I need to make the necessary points."

The Password Security Instructional Unit that Albert prepared, is available on the UMFK website, and has been accepted by EDUCAUSE and is now being broadly disseminated.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

The annual EDUCAUSE Conference regularly draws well over 4,000 senior level information system executives each year.

We are hearing and reading more and more about identity theft where individuals can be left with large charges on their credit cards, new accounts being opened in their name, bank balances depleted, and much more.

In today's world of information technology, it is important that an individual maintain security on private information that should not fall into the wrong hands. Using the right passwords to protect your identity and maintain that security is essential.

"It always awakens in me the sense of great pride I have in UMFK and what it has to offer, whenever I learn of other campuses, like El Paso Community College, applying such resources in their quest to better serve their respective communities," said Albert. "Chalk up another contribution from UMFK."

"Good things come in small packages," added Albert. "Here's to the little campus that could."

To view the instructional unit on password basics produced by Albert, visit UMFK's web site at