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August 7, 2009




Eleven high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior years attended the UMFK ECO-Camp earlier this summer. The University’s Environmental Studies faculty developed four days of outdoor exploration and fun, as part of the summer ECO-Camp experience.  It was a huge success.

Participants explored the beautiful natural environment of the North Maine Woods by canoe and by trail, while learning about ecology, water quality, and wildlife.

The ECO Camp activities included canoeing on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway; water-quality testing and aquatic ecology; monitoring of local wildlife and learning about wildlife management; nature hiking to identify trees and plants; learning GPS and compass skills; studying forest ecology and forest management; and meeting environmental professionals and learn about their careers.

Other fun activities include geo-caching, stargazing, barbeques, campfire and use of UMFK Sports Center.  The camp was a way for the students to build a better understanding of how to protect the natural environment, which is now more important than ever.

Students had the opportunity to meet with current UMFK students and graduates to learn about their experiences earning a degree in Environmental Studies. They also had a chance to meet with professors and other environmental professionals to explore career options.  The careers included: environmental scientist, wildlife biologist, lab and field technician, game warden, park ranger, educator, GIS specialist, environmental specialist, environmental policymaker and forester.

UMFK professors Steven Selva, Dave Hobbins, Bruno Hicks, Stephen Hansen and Kim Borges, along with teaching assistant Curt Harvey, planned, organized, and taught at the camp.