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August 21, 2006


University of Maine at Fort Kent professors, Geraldine Cannon Becker and Dr. Terry Murphy will team teach an honors seminar on Appalachia during the fall semester at UMFK.

There still is room for those wishing to sign-up for the honors seminar, which is scheduled to meet on Tuesdays from 12 noon to 2:40 p.m. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the UMFK Registrar?s office in person, or at 834-7520

The honors seminar was inspired by discussions between the two professors of various Appalachian literature they exchanged with one another and by the recent broadcast of Appalachians on MPBN. It was also fostered, in part, by the Appalachian Writers Association Conference in which Professor Cannon Becker participated early in July. Professor Cannon Becker presented an academic paper and shared some of her poetry with interested participants at the conference.

In the honors seminar, Professor Cannon Becker and Dr. Murphy will assign selected readings from Appalachian Heritage, and will have several works on reserve for students. In addition, students will choose three works from a literary genre of their choice, keep a response journal, and prepare a special project and presentation for the class on a topic of their own interest involving/concerning Appalachia.

The distinct culture of Appalachia sets it apart not only from the rest of the world but also from the rest of the United States. This culture is rich in diversity ? from its music and culinary delights to its tall tales, folk heroes, legends, and feuds. There will be something for everyone who participates in the seminar.

The course is brand new. The professors don't know when it will ever be offered again, or if there will ever be another one exactly like it. It should be a wonderfully unique learning experience.

For further information on the honors seminar, please call Professor Cannon Becker at 834-7695, or Dr. Murphy at 834-7538.