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Holocaust Survivors: Portraits of Immutable Strength

April 3, 2012


The University of Maine at Fort Kent's Diversity Committee and the Valley Rivers Middle School will host guest speaker Max Slabotsky, a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp, who will present on Monday, April 9 at 7 p.m. in the UMFK Fox Auditorium.

The presentation is free, so please come be part of this enthralling discussion.

Mr. Slabotsky will address present and future generations with a personal account of the horrors of war and honor the countless number of innocent victims who did not survive.

Most of the events of the Holocaust are tragic and horrific, yet many of the stories of the individuals who have survived the systematic slaughter are a testament to the triumphant, transformative human spirit. The presentation is designed to inspire, create awe, and inform so that such genocide will not be repeated.

On Monday, April 9, the 8th and 10th grade classes of the Valley River Middle School and Fort Kent Community High school also will hear from Max Slabotsky.

For more information on the presentation held at UMFK, please contact Kara Beal at or 834-3456.