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UMFK Student Support Services Recognizes TRiO Students

April 27, 2012



l to r: Director Lena Michaud and TRiO Student of the Year, Blair Pelletier

The TRiO, Student Support Services Program, at the University of Maine at Fort Kent held its third annual recognition banquet on April 17, to honor students involved in the TRiO program. UMFK Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Rachel E. Albert, provided the welcome address.

TRiO Student Support Services is funded through the Department of Education under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and are referred to as the TRiO Programs because there were initially three programs. TRiO programs are designed to help low-income, first-generation, and/or disabled students, under the guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act, Americans enter college, graduate and move on to participate more fully in America's economic and social life.

The Student Support Services Program's focus is to insure that their participants have a realistic chance to persist in school and graduate from the University of Maine at Fort Kent. To accomplish these objectives, they provide services to enhance students' academic success, personal skills, and social skills.

The banquet's guest speaker was Betty McCue-Herlihy, assistant director of the Student Support Services program at the University of Maine at Augusta's Bangor campus and an alumna of TRiO's Upward Bound program. She attributes much of her success to Upward Bound. McCue-Herlihy is a true inspiration and motivator. She expressed to the students, “Remember to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.”


Graduating TRiO Students that were at the Evening Banquet: Front (l to r) Melanie Marquis, Jennifer McBrien, and Donna Jandreau; Back (l to r) Alan McManus, Steven Pelletier, Owen Cunnane, and Jon Gough

The 2012 Student Support Services awards were given to the following students:

Leadership Award: Lisa Sutton (Mars Hill)

Most Successful Freshman Award: Kapricemarie Tompkins (Woodville)

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Griffeth (Caribou) and Bianca Babin (Fort Kent)

Most Successful Sophomore Award: April Dudley (Otisfield)

Honorable Mention: Oliver Silva (Winterville)

Most Successful Junior Award: Devvan Powers (Medway)

Honorable Mention: Russ Mortland (Presque Isle) and Elise Levesque (Waterville)

Most Successful Senior Award: Alan McManus (Presque Isle)

Honorable Mention: Shawn Deprey (Eagle Lake) and Owen Cunnane (Alfred)

The awards recognize students for their successful transition to higher education and their proactive approach to academic achievement.

The following students were recognized for their exemplary participation and involvement with the Student Support Services program during the academic year:

Most Involved Participant Award: Kassandra Michaud (Madawaska)

The following students were honored for their significant improvement to academic achievement; recognizing their increased efforts towards becoming a successful student.

Most Improved Participant Awards: Patrick Aldrich (Springfield), Jessica Bussiere (Somersworth, New Hampshire), and Kristen LeClair (Fort Kent)

The following students were recognized for their significant determination and persistence towards academic achievement and attaining their academic goals:

Outstanding Persistence Award: Katina Jandreau Caron (Fort Kent); Bernice Michaud (Fort Kent); Kristy Morneault (Madawaska); Sandy Mosquera (Fort Kent); Alan Pelletier (St. David); Logan O'Clair (Ashland); and Heather Young (South Paris)

TRiO Helping TRiO Recognition: Patrick Aldrich; Bianca Babin; Joseph Belanger (Springvale); Kayla Davenport (Fort Kent); Sarah Englund (Caribou); Blake Farnsworth (Pittston); Kelsey King (Perham); Alan McManus; Mira Michaud (Madawaska); Hannah Mikkonen (Peru); Kristy Morneault; Russ Mortland; Sandy Mosquera; Devvan Powers; Sadi Rioux (Fort Kent); Julie Seehagen (Waterboro); and Oliver Silva

Student of the Year Award: Blair Pelletier (St. John Plantation)

Pelletier has completed the elementary education program at UMFK in 31/2 years. She has made the Dean's List every semester, along with working two part-time jobs. Pelletier has shown great leadership skills. She is currently president of both the UMFK Chi alpha campus ministry and UMFK Student Teaching Educational Professional Society. Pelletier is involved with TRiO's Afterschool Mentoring Program, where she promoted bulling prevention with second graders. She has contributed much to the University, as well as to the local community. Blair Pelletier's parents are Steven and Colette Pelletier.

The following TRiO students will graduate in May, were recognized and presented with cords, which they can wear at graduation. The graduates-to-be who were honored include: Steven Allen* (Patten); Maureen Bard (Fort Kent); Jeremy Beaulieu* (Grand Isle); Jennifer Bisson (Phippsburg); Thomas Brady (Sherman); Cory Cavanagh (Calais); Owen Cunnane (Alfred); Jamie Daigle (Madawaska); Alison Davis (Buxton); Shawn Deprey; Jon Gough (Fort Kent ); Sean Greening (Fort Kent); Donna Jandreau (Fort Kent); Carla Keene (Fort Kent Mills); Kelsey King; Melanie Marquis* (Madawaska); Jennifer McBrien (Randolph, Massachusetts); Gregory McIntosh (Fort Kent); Alan McManus; Bella Michaud (Fort Fairfield); Bernice Michaud; Ashley Morneault (Fort Kent); Sandy Mosquera; Greg Ouellette* (Fort Kent); Tina Ouellette (Fort Kent); Steven Pelletier* (St. John Plantation); Sadi Rioux; Julie Seehagen; Mathew Taggart (Fort Kent); and Hannah Willard (Paradise, California). *associate degree candidates

In addition to TRiO students receiving awards, the following individuals were nominated by TRiO students and recognized as having done an outstanding job in supporting their education at UMFK: Dr. Paul Buck, assistant professor of history and education; Dr. Soraya Cardenas, associate professor of sociology and environmental studies; Phil Dubois, business management student with a concentration in entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting with a minor in economics; Dave Hobbins, professor of forestry and environmental studies; Dr. Doris Metz, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction; John Metz adjunct faculty, department of education; Ray Phinney, assistant dean of student life and development; Don Ouellette, audio-visual technician III; Joyce Plourde, business office records technician II: Scott Voisine, dean of communication education; and Dorothy Hopkins, retired UMFK Student Support Services writing specialist.

The following staff was recognized for their dedication to students' achievements and success: Director Lena Michaud; Secretary Tammy Connor; Counselor and Accessibility Coordinator Shawn Graham; and Academic Coordinator Angela Theriault; and Writing Specialist Aaron Tolbert.

Also during the ceremony, Lisa Sutton honored Shawn Graham with the Leadership Advisor Award.

Aaron Tolbert shared an inspirational reading to add to the tone for the evening ceremony and Alan McManus played an amazing inspirational song on the piano.

A pre-recorded message of the Honorable Senator Susan Collins was shown at the closing of the evening program. Collins congratulated all honorees and continues to be a big support of TRiO programs and instrumental in assisting with the continued funding at the federal level.

TRiO is a nationwide, federally-funded organization committed to providing educational opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic circumstance.