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UMFK Student Support Services Recognizes TRiO Students

April 26, 2010



Student of the Year Award: Elizabeth Lane 

Elizabeth has shown exemplary participation in the Student Support Services program, as well as on and off campus involvement. She also has shown skills in leadership, teambuilding, communication, as well as persistence towards her academic goals and success as a student.  Presenting the award to Elizabeth is Student Support Service Director Lena Michaud.


Student Support Services office at the University of Maine at Fort Kent held its second recognition banquet to honor students and staff involved in the TRiO program.

The following staff were honored for their dedication to students’ achievements and success: Director Lena Michaud, Secretary Tammy Connor; Student Success Coordinator Kate Fecinta; Counselor and Accessibility Coordinator Shawn Graham; Writing Specialist Dorothy Hopkins; and Academic Coordinator Angela Theriault.
TRiO programs are designed to help low-income or first-generation Americans enter college, graduate and move on to participate more fully in America's economic and social life.
They are funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and are referred to as the TRiO Programs because there were initially three programs.
While student financial aid programs help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, TRiO programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education.
The banquet’s guest speaker was Dr. Lois Hamel, program director of Distance Nursing Education at St. Joseph’s College of Maine. 
The 2010 Student Support Services awards were given to the following students:
Most Successful Freshman Award: Francine Dumond 
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Belanger and Blair Pelletier
Most Successful Sophomore Award: Owen Cunnane    
Honorable Mention: Katina Jandreau and Mira Michaud
Most Successful Junior Award: Sean Greening    
Honorable Mention: Bern Michaud and Ashley Morneault 
Most Successful Senior Award: Antonio Mosquera  
Honorable Mention: Macy Beaulieu and Susan Lucey
The awards recognize students for their successful transition to higher education and their proactive approach to academic achievement.
The following students were recognized for their exemplary participation and involvement with the Student Support Services program during the academic year:
Most Involved Participant Award: Ben Downing, Sean Favreau, and Heather Young
The following students were honored for their significant improvement to academic achievement; recognizing their increased efforts towards becoming a successful student.
Most Improved Participant Award: Andrew Pelletier, CJ Pelletier, and Ralph Reynolds
The following students were recognized for their significant determination and persistence towards academic achievement and attaining their academic goals:
Outstanding Persistence Award:  Courtney Boivin, Jimmy Lopez, Joane Maingrette, Mary Ellen Marucci, Alan McManus, and Ethan Pelletier
Student of the Year Award: Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth has shown exemplary participation in the Student Support Services program, as well as on and off campus involvement. She also has shown skills in leadership, teambuilding, communication, as well as persistence towards her academic goals and success as a student.
The 32 TRiO students who will graduate in May were recognized and presented with cords that they can wear at graduation. The graduates-to-be who were honored include:
Alex Baron* 
Macy Beaulieu
Sandra Berube*
Brenda Bourgoin
Gary Caron
Charissa Carter 
Natalie Collin
Vicki Conley    
Denise Cummings
Amanda Daigle
Priscilla Dionne
Rebecca Donahue
Benjamin Downing
Sean Favreau
Danielle Forino
Angela Glew*
Drew Janoch
Elizabeth Lane
Susan Lucey
Creedance MacLeod-Janoch
Monique Marquis
Robert Michaud*
Antonio Mosquera
Joshua Nichols
Donna Parent
Sarah Plourde*
Ralph Reynolds*
Luke Ross*
David Russo
Randi St. Peter
Cyndi Tardif
Laura Tardif*
*associate degree candidates

Grant Aid Awards were made to the following students: 
Macy Beaulieu
Jennifer Belanger
Joseph Belanger
Lee Bossie
Gary Caron
Dean Cote
Owen Cunnane
Denis Cummings
Amanda Daigle
Erica Daigle
Jamie Daigle
Alison Davis
Shawn Deprey
Jodie Faucher
Maryann Fogarty
Amber Garrison
Jon Gough
Sean Greening
Ashley Hafford
Cindy Hafford
Donna Jandreau
Katina Jandreau
Lori Jordan
Carla Keene
Elizabeth Lane
Dwayne Lapointe
Jimmy Lopez
Joane Maingrette
Mary Ellen Marucci
Greg McIntosh
Alan McManus
Bernice Michaud
Lois Michaud
Mira Michaud
Kristy Morneault
Tina Ouellette
Amanda Pelletier
Clifford Pelletier, Jr.
Blair Pelletier
Judith Pimental
Jenna Plourde
Ralph Reynolds
Ian Robertson
Randi St. Peter
Julie Seehagen
Stephanie Thomas
Students who received grant aid awards were taking at least nine credit hours and were in good academic standing. Their awards may be used to help pay off outstanding student bills, or reduce their student loans. 
TRiO is a nationwide, federally-funded organization committed to providing educational opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic circumstance.