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UMFK art students exhibit at UMFK Blake Library

April 11, 2011



Matthew Dufour at work in ART 201 - Fundemental of Arts II


The University of Maine at Fort Kent’s Blake Library Gallery will feature the work of students in Therese Provenzano’s Art 201 Fundamentals of Art II and Art 351 Drawing classes.  The exhibition, entitled “Seen Through Material - Drawings and Sculpture,” will be on display from Saturday, April 16, through Saturday, April 30. 

An opening reception for the exhibit will be held on Saturday, April 16, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to provide the public and the campus community with an opportunity to meet the students and the instructor.
Provenzano noted, “I am most excited about this exhibition. Some students who have studied with me prior, have returned. Some students took classes with me for the very first time. I enjoyed both classes thoroughly through the contribution made by each student. They engaged in process and problem-solving skills in making their work.
The drawings in the exhibit focused primarily on using charcoal as a material. Charcoal is a forgiving medium as it allows students to push, pull, maneuver and manipulate elements as they are explored. The results can be quite painterly. 
The students were given observational and abstract visual problems to solve. Some projects required them to look where others required them to imagine. Moose antlers were observed and cobwebs were imagined as subject matter.
The sculpture in the exhibition focused primarily on found material such as cardboard and wire. Cardboard boxes were collected and constructed to make an overall form that conveys unity from all points of view. Subtractive elements, gesso and tape were incorporated to further the constructed development of the piece in its entirety.  
Mobiles were constructed from the wire of coat hangers. Students began by sketching the shapes found in Scott Voisine’s most recent paintings. Voisine’s paintings are built on repetitive pattern. The challenge here was not to repeat the same shape twice. Students had to really look at his work then change the shapes to make them uniquely their own.
As part of the curriculum, both classes currently are working on art projects for UMFK’s Second Annual Scholars’ Symposium: Bridging our Future: Culture, Conflict and Convergence, scheduled for Friday, April 29. Each student is responsible for developing a work of art that reflects this year’s theme. Their work will be on display.
Art 201 Fundamentals of Art II is a hands-on studio course in exploring three-dimensional form, sculpture. The instructor gave students in the class the opportunity to develop an awareness of how a form can have unity from looking at it from more than one point of view. Students developed problem-solving skills in construction, weight, balance and aesthetics. In Art 351 Drawing, students learned both observational and abstract approaches while developing skills in various drawing materials. Students learned that approach determines outcome when constructing a drawing. Provenzano emphasized the basic visual elements that make a work be characteristically strong.
For more information, contact Sofia Birden, gallery curator, 207-834-7527.