The University of Maine at Fort Kent currently offers classes during two regular 15-week semesters (Fall and Spring) and one 15-week Summer Session.  The Summer Semester includes 3-week sessions, 6-week sessions, 8-week sessions, and 12-week sessions.  It also includes other sessions of varying length depending on specific course requirements.

Effective December 1, 2009, UMFK will offer courses in a 3-week session known as “Winter Term”.  Classes will be offered to:

  1. Allow students to lighten their academic workload during semesters.
  2. Allow students to enroll in courses at a time when they are not in regular sessions.
  3. Allow students an opportunity to entroll for pre-requisite courses prior to the start of a regular semester.
  4. Provide non-UMFK students, especially practicing professionals and teachers to enroll for university course work during vacation periods.
  5. Provide an opportunity for students to make up course work to retain eligibility in areas such as Financial Aid and Sports.
  6. Make use of university student services during when classes are normally not in session.

Although the “Winter Term” is considered a stand-alone session, with unique start and end dates, the record keeping is done within the regular Spring semester.  “Winter Term” credit accounting, reporting, and processing (registration, billing, and financial aid) will be done within the Spring semester.  “Winter Term” classes will be uniquely identified (term session field = “Win”) in the MaineStreet computer system.  All other academic, student, and financial aid policies that apply to the regular Fall/Spring/Summer semesters also apply to the “Winter Term”.