Transcripts of courses taken at the University of Maine at Fort Kent are issued only at the written request of the student. Two types of transcript are issued. “Unofficial” copies are issued to students for academic advising purposes. “Official” transcripts carry the signature of the Registrar and embossed seal of the University. Partial transcripts are not issued. The following per copy fee is required prior to issue of the transcript:          

  • Official Copy: $3.00
  • Unofficial Copy: $3.00
  • Faxed Copy: $6.00

Transcripts will show only work completed as of the date of request. In progress work will display on the transcript.    

Transcripts from other institutions, which have been presented for admission or evaluation, become a part of the student’s permanent academic file and are not returned or copied for distribution. Students desiring transcripts covering work attempted elsewhere should request them from the appropriate institution.

NOTE: It is the policy of the University of Maine at Fort Kent to withhold all official credentials, including grades and transcripts, until library clearance has been effected and the student’s account paid in full. It is also University policy to withhold credentials for students who have defaulted on their university-based student loans.