Occasionally, an individual may have reason to formally question policies, procedures, or actions taken by an academic or administrative office. The University encourages individuals to attempt to resolve differences informally and directly with the party or parties involved whenever possible; however, in the event that informal efforts to resolve a matter are unsuccessful, the following protocol will be followed*.

 1) The individual submits a written statement of the issue and requested remedy to the department director or chairperson as appropriate**. The director or chairperson may choose to seek input or advice, as appropriate from internal or external resources, and/or to meet with the individual to gather additional information or to resolve the matter. In any event, the director or chair will render a decision within one’s scope and authority and communicate the decision in writing to the individual in a timely manner.    

2) In the event that the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved, the individual may request an additional review to the next administrative level (generally the Dean or the appropriate Vice-President). Such requests must be in writing and copies of the initial request and response should be included. Again, the administrator may meet with the parties involved or seek additional input to gather information and/or identify an appropriate resolution. Again, the administrator will render a decision in writing in a timely manner. 

3) Additional reviews may be filed sequentially up to the level of the campus President. All such reviews must be in writing and must follow and respect the chain of command. The President’s decision will be final and all parties are expected to adhere and/or comply.  

*This protocol does not cover complaints of discrimination or harassment or employment related complaints. Such complaints will be handled in accordance with the University’s Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedure (available on-line under campus forms or from the Human Resources Office) or the applicable collective bargaining agreement or employee handbook, as appropriate.

**In the event that issues are raised in the media, it is the general policy of the University that individual offices will refer such matters to the Director of University Relations and Alumni Affairs who will work with the appropriate administrators and the President to prepare an appropriate institutional response as warranted.