Many colleges and universities require that all students be covered by an adequate insurance policy.  Starting with the September 2007 term, UMFK will require that all students verify that they have other adequate insurance coverage in order to waive automatic enrollment in the UMFK sponsored student health insurance plan. Students wishing to supplement existing coverage may do so by remaining in the UMFK plan.

For domestic students without their own insurance coverage, or for those who would like to supplement existing coverage, UMFK has arranged for a plan underwritten by Commercial Travelers Insurance Company that will provide qualitative basic coverage up to a $10,000 limit per claim. Since insurance purchased outside of the USA is not likely to be effective in this country, all international students are also required to remain enrolled in the UMFK plan unless proof of other USA insurance coverage is provided.

All students will automatically be enrolled in the UMFK Plan. Students who wish to have the expense for this coverage removed from the University charges may do so by providing other insurance information.