The University of Maine System Student Conduct Code seeks to promote the pursuit of activities that contribute to the intellectual, ethical, and physical development of the individual under the auspices of the University of Maine System (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) and the individual campuses and to ensure the safety of persons engaging in those pursuits. It further seeks to protect the free and peaceful expression of ideas and to assure the integrity of various academic processes. It is expected that students will conduct their affairs with proper regard for the rights of others and the University. All members of the University community share a responsibility for maintaining an environment where actions are guided by mutual respect, integrity, and reason. All members of the University are governed by System policies, local ordinances, and state and federal laws. For specific governing documents, students and/or campus organizations may wish to refer to the University Policies and Procedures manual, campus residence hall contracts, and related notices and publications. Individuals in violation of state and federal law are subject to prosecution by appropriate state and federal authorities regardless of whether the activity occurs on or off campus. In addition, the student may be subject to disciplinary action by the University pursuant to this Code. THE SEVERITY OF THE IMPOSED SANCTIONS WILL BE APPROPRIATE TO THE VIOLATION. In seeking to encourage responsible attitudes, the University places much reliance upon personal example, counseling and admonition. In certain circumstances where these preferred means fail, it must rely upon the rules and procedures described in this Code. IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF THIS CODE, THE UNIVERSITY FUNCTIONS IN AN ADMINISTRATIVE MANNER. THE UNIVERSITY’S ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS AFFORDS FUNDAMENTAL FAIRNESS, BUT DOES NOT FOLLOW THE TRADITIONAL COMMON LAW ADVERSARIAL METHOD OF A COURT OF LAW. The Director of Student Affairs is UMFK’s Chief Student Conduct Code Officer. For a copy of the UMS Student Conduct Code contact the Student Affairs Office or find it on the web at