An online social network is a web connected utility that allows the user to adopt an application specific persona and share text or multimedia with other users. Examples include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

This policy refers to online social networking accounts officially sanctioned by UMFK administration and managed by UMFK employees, including Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers, and to the use of UMFK bandwidth to post to private accounts.

All new and existing online social network accounts will be placed in one of five categories. The categories are Current Students, Prospective Students, Alumni, Special Projects and Programs, and Academic.

The Current Students category will be managed by the Associate Dean of Student Life. The Prospective Students category will be managed by the Director of Admissions. The Alumni category will be managed by the Director of University Relations. Social network accounts in these three categories may be eliminated and/or combined into one master account for each network variety.

Accounts in the Special Projects and Programs category will be managed by the directors of the applicable programs or the managers of the applicable projects.

New accounts in all categories except Academic will be approved by a group consisting of the Director of University Relations, the Director of Information Services, the Associate Dean of Student Life, and the Assistant Director of Media Services.

Accounts in the Academic category are for short term coursework related projects. They may be created and deleted ad hoc by faculty and/or students enrolled in an applicable course, but the account creator must contact Information Services in advance of account creation to guarantee tech support.

All accounts must use strong usernames and passwords, as defined by University of Maine System Information Security Guidelines.

Usernames and passwords for accounts must be shared with the Information Services Department, where they will be catalogued. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for legacy accounts as determined by the Information Services Department.

All Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers logged in to an online social network must lock (require a login to continue use of) their computer or mobile device when they step away for other business.

Accounts must be structured to allow for multiple administrators to facilitate information sharing and guard against absences caused by illness, graduation, retirement, etc. When an account administrator leaves UMFK, they must relinquish their account administrator status. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for legacy accounts as determined by the Information Services Department.

No unapproved usage of UMFK intellectual property is allowed on either officially sanctioned or private online social networks. UMFK reserves the right to proceed with takedown requests for violations of this rule.

Only formally approved UMFK logos may be used in all posts.

Proper spelling and grammar must be used at all times in all posts.

No profanity, personal attacks or threats, or language that impugns the integrity and/or damages the reputation of UMFK will be tolerated in posts. Posts that contain any of these elements will be deleted by account managers.

Artistic freedom is important for account managers in Category 4 (Special Projects and Programs) and Category 5 (Academic), but posts and comments should conform to community standards. Posts and comments deemed to not adhere to community standards may be removed.

UMFK Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers may not use officially sanctioned online social network accounts to respond to personal attacks or attacks directed at UMFK that emerge from private accounts.

All solicitations for comment from the press received via online social network must be forwarded to the University Relations Department.

The University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) social media sites will not constitute an official form of communication for legal notice, specific requests for service, public records requests, registering a complaint, filing a claim, or to report suspicious or criminal activity.  Members of the media are asked to send questions to the UMFK University Relations Office through their normal channels and refrain from submitting questions here as comments. Reporter questions will not be posted or answered.

UMFK internet access and bandwidth may not be used by any student to post threatening or hurtful text, audio, or video to any online social networking site. Violators will be subject to discipline as designated by the UMFK Student Conduct Code.